Massive losing streaks


That is nothing…
I did played 10 Unranked games ,indeed again after Mecha event…and…8 lose only 2 wons !! This is for 2 days.
Otherwise, bravo for unstall this trash!
I either dont play anymore…,well…i can admin…only rare times.
HoTS devs…even read this in serias topic… they cant do nothing.


you played with frends?

and what rank r u ? gold? or more?
or silver or bronze


He is constantly Bronze 5 !


I played mixed,but mostly alone!
And im bronze, like Master and STOPED PLAY!


lol, find frends n play :smiley:


Haha bronze but played like master that just made my day! Funny, thanks!


Hahah that one was priceless! I am sure you also run 100 meters in 25 seconds but your true level is faster than Usain Bolt


“lol” find friend and play"…" so funny"…

Even some of these friends are sh*t. Of course not everyone!
Its so easy to be sayed clown!
Is easy with advices or with words. Reality is different CLOWN!!


…you sure you live in same reality than others? Bronze player is furthest away from master skillwise


He’s just delusional because I’m silver 5 and I know I’m bad but I try and I have no friends in hots to improve or just play together.


If he is with the skill of master, as many masters/grandmasters players prove it, he would climb out of bronze for no time…


Your theory doesn’t explain how you get a team of leaver/feeders vs massively overpowered foes. I have noticed that every time I have lich or Alarak in my team they end up 2/7 or 5/4 if we win. In the enemy team they are like 14/2, 7/0. I have noticed that the more I win the weaker teammates I get until it comes to a point where half are leaver and the other are 0/10 and no1 cares about objectives and lanes and its 12 losses until I finally get a proper team. This is highly problematic when I try to level my low heroes that i am not so good with and I need to be carried a bit. I have to always play my most OP heroes so I can solo carry the team, which slows my lvling.


May be ur attitude hinders the process of making frends
I have made many, and i play with them in party of 5 so ppl like u dont end up in my team :smiley:


Its not about “friends”. There shouldnt be any advantage of using friends to climb and I have lot of proofs that duo vs non duo is seldom good match up for example or gold vs non golds.

The game should be made so that you can enjoy it with or without party. Now it is far more bettter to have gold and silver im team, for example chogall is very good synergy hero.

If you want to level up heroes you should be using either qm or unranked. Nn to waste everybosdy’s time on ranked. This is also big problem nowadays as there are no restrictions on ranked games.


The fact that peoples behaviour cannot be controlled is one of the reasons for MM issues.

People complain that they r matched with trolls or intentional AFKs , of blind n deaf to pings, etc,

How do you suppose the MM to see that?

Playing with frends solve this issue
And about playing with frends, currently you can play with frends who r 2 level above or below u,

they can eradicate that and match bronze with bronze only, n gold with gold only, but this will increase Q times in higher ranks, coz higher rank players r far less in numbers,

Playing with known people solves the issue of intentional AFK n other crazy attitude ppl, n it solves this ONLY , nothing more.

Having a smurf account on the enemy team, or other issues tht go undetected, r problems tht will still exist , but at least you wil not hav to fight the enemy also n fight ur team mate also,


I think we should have cap at one leaque. Only way to have big difference is if you go with 4 other guys. Then you coould be automatically put agaisnt lot better opponents to minimize player difference.

Its not point of getting bronze with gold in any situation. That will destroy the fun because other team must have low ranked too. That is not always in any team (real noob). This will lead to skill differences between teams.

The quality of solo leaque will have high effect on solo players que, which I still believe is majority of players.

I have won every game which doesnt have any skill difference teams within enemy now and Im getting some progress finaly after lot of bad quality games.

Basic thing is that if you feel that something is more easier than other way, the game is mostly broken by mechanism.

Its not about who plays with friends, it should be so that teams should be punished more if their skill level is lot better than their rank by puttimg them faster vs good opponents. Now those never will be put against reasonable teams even they stomp lot of games. This comes from idealogy that mmr should be put in 50/50 now it is not always so. Maybe next update will have higher effect as more emphasis is put for mmr changes of players.


its not about havig a gold player for increased chances,

ofcourse if i hav a gold player here, there wil b gold n silver on enemy too,

I just enjoy more playing with him, and he still doesnt mind n takes me,

Playing in bronze is chaotic… people will be starting boss after getting the enemy cursed, thts wasting 10 seconds of curse, and several things like tht,


Y its same for every other bronze too… Its more design problem anyway to have better experience in party.


its a team game,
My game thinking or decisions r not in the same page with most bronze players i play with, thts why i wait for a party always… not just gold player tht i said of.
but other bronze n silver too, its all about being on the same page n having good coordination



Friendship isn’t some cheat code

This isn’t Anime

If you’re unwilling or unable to make use of what is available to you then it’s your fault for not being good enough

There are plenty of people even willing to play Ranked with ME!

A Bronze 5 who find himself quite often with ABSOLUTELY ZERO RANK POINTS

If I can find friends

You can too

You have no excuse

I however do agree with this though

We should always have a choice

Solo Ranked should be an option

Hero League should never have been removed

I think we would all be happier if they brought that back