Matchmaking is a Joke


WTF is This Blizzard
Azmo+ETC+Deckard+Abathur+Nazeebo VS Morales+Cho’Gall+Raynor+Kael’thas


Yeah…its joke and like.many ,brains on many young peoples.
I know you mean about QM.
For now is “normal”.
But i want (and almost everyone) to be reworked. I already did suggested better QM mode and machanics.
And of course this game,was lose game.


Its not MM issue. As per MM, its perfect, bcoz
Tanks = ETC vs Cho
Healer = Deckard vs Morales
Assassins = azmo n nazeebo vd reynor n kt
all OK according to MM :slight_smile:

if it was a 3 lane map, azmo team would CRUSH the other… if it was a 2 lane map, then its more of a balanced fight…
you being angry, i believe u were in the cho gall team?

The better mechanics u suggested hav been suggested several times by other players, n the devs did reply, n it makes sense
Adding more filters n other MM rules into QM MM would only increase the queue time much much more than wht it is now, n QM is suppose to b a QUICK match.

Also, most ppl play QM for one of the following reasons:
1 = A quick match bcoz have little time
2 = A warm up match before going on to Ranked play
3 = To try a new build of a hero
4 = To try a new hero
5 = To play with frends with who they cant play ranked with (can also b newbie frends, so obviously game standard will fall)
6 = To practice combos

And i do tht in QM too ,
QM is just a quick match, see it like tht,

The actual game is ranked… find frends, play in ranked, u will know how fun this game is :slight_smile: