Matchmaking is at its worst


Totally agree, right now it’s almost impossible to play, plus when ppl leave the game AI is so bad you will always lose and there’s not protection against that


Hahahah Christ , I feel only pity and sorry for you Pandagic , never seen someone so delusional for over 25 years . Are you on a paycheck or have relatives in BLizzard ? A sane human being from this planet played hots sometimes in the physical life would never say the things u are trying to , here . :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: HAHAAHHA
The truth is indeed very very painful to some human beings , just like you , i guess this is why u are delusional , cause u are in still in a denial phase . Poor , poor guy.
Anyways , i was dealing with stubborn players who just take something over the internet and defend it with their lives since 20 years so , there is more chance me talking to the wall and it understands than you . Bye, keep replying .


Go with rank and get over it.


in my personal opinion which is not saying much. qm or qp is unplayable. And if you are even slightly extroverted, you are very likley get muted or banned. I dont know even where to begin. Team comps should be better controlled, player skill varies insanely. people missplaying maps who are lvl 400+. some of the issues could be fixed by going to draft que. However when im set on playing what i want i dont really feel like budging,and i would assume this is the problem with most qm/qp players. not to mention how insanely casually and selfish the mindsets are. I mean people literally play to press buttons have no incentive to win. literally just ques to press buttons . You have to be a masochist or leveling characters to be enjoying qp atm.


Well said! Very smart points Rhonin and you cleary spent lot of time in school learning english. High IQ! Hehe, jokes aside what are you trying to even say? Could you use google translate and try to communicate your point somehow?


Well, to start with, im not a paid Blizzard guy,

N yes, matchmaking is bad at times,

BUT , ,how i see it, a lvl 100 player, matched against lvl500 player in qm,

thts no big issue

I m almost lvl300 on my ID , i hav been matched with level 1000 players too,
n trust me, they suck badly,

your game level is only shows how MANY games u played.
Doesnt show your skills

A level 200 player may b 100 times more better than a level 1000 player ,
but ofcourse, he would hav played far less games than the level 1000 player,

Higher level players only means they played more games than u,
it not necessarily means tht they r better than u,

go in game with that mind set,

rule to winning = FOLLOW pings, even if they r WRONG,
if someone calls for boss, GO , if u dnt want to go, spam v v v v on the boss so others dont go too,

sticking together (even on a wrong call) may result in fruitful outcome,
on the other hand, if you did not join a wrong call, u might stay alive with 4 of ur teammates dead n then u b thinking “silly call, they all died”

if u had been there, may b all 5 or at least 3 or 4 of them would b alive after getting value


Yep I agree that people shouldn’t complain about levels. Player levels truely means nothing when it come to skill. You see many, so many player lvl 1000+ who are stuck at bronze/silver. That kinda says it all


Well, the issue with QM is that people don’t want to wait for a long amount of time. They once changed it so that you would find really good comps all the time, but the wait time went up to an average of 2-3 minutes. Hundreds of people complained about how bad that was, tooking too long to find a game - so they changed it back. QM is just a coinflip, go for it if you want to try out a hero or if you don’t care about the comps… Or queue as 5 and build a strong comp yourself, that is all you can do - aside from playing Unranked and Ranked that is.


largely we can both probably agree that wait times are probably very high priority on the list. I would go as far as even say 1. or 2. dependent one the day you ask me.

That being said, Blizzard holds 110% responsibility to ensure that the games qualitys are at an all time high. And they have failed to do so.

Like if the goods distribution network like “Target” could figure out algorithm’s for women when they are pregnant, based on what they were shopping for. I dont think it’s insane to ask from blizzard some better methods of determining player pairings that would ultimately lead to better games, is so out of this world. While i don’t have a proposition from a technical angle myself, i do believe its realistic.

if you want to know more about the story i refer’d to google “How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did”


3 tanks vs 1 tank in QM? Are you joking blizzard?? and bannnig for being toxic??? make at least equal QM MM. Very frustrating and annoying


yeah…they are stup*d man.They should long time ago time decide to make smart QM MM programs.
I did suggested to them this year better QM MM.
Take a look…

Because they continue “think” get smart and good work decions…
and i not want to add this tra*h player base…


I was thinking to install the game,to see if they improved the matchmaking,but from the report in this thread,it doesnt seem promising.Il give it a try,also i see we are getting a nexus hero insted a proven Wacraft or Stacraft champion that the player base want…sih.

It doesnt change the fact that there algoritam is scuffed to say least.As i’ve said back in my inital post.My point is to make QM balanced skill wise.You cant have lvl 15’s with people who are 500+,those guys will end up being crused and it only makes for poor experience to the new players + the veterans.
People would gladly accept a 4 min quee trade off to have a more balanced match.


MM is strange in ranked too. I can win game in 15 minutes and I can lose game in 15 minutes. It’s like lottery.


This is not something good,and they need to change it,improve the system.


I can not belive you lost with that comp. You had damage and they had not. Guldan could have single handedly carry you. Orphea was also in heaven. On varian it depends, mostly neutral.

I wish I was your Guldan.


Stun, root, stun, stun… Without tank what dps can survive it?


They had Varian as tank if needed and Guldan can poke from range and tass can simply wall them away.


I see you tagged me,but i am having truble to understand about what exactly?


This was heaven for nova n guldan, also for orphea if she go the dread build,
varian shud hav just lanes n gotten camps,

How i see it, your team would hav got to level 10 while they were on level8

And even if the game progress to lvl16, nova with explosive rounds would alone had done as much damage as the whole of their team did, it was a WIN offered you on a plate.

they had nova too, it was a nightmare for the 4 tanks,


It was about a post you made here which I failed to see it was made long ago. Sorry, this thread is too big.