Matchmaking... QM is a JOKE


[Deleted] TLDR: fed up of this QM experience, matchmaking is an absolute joke. More of a ‘Brawl’ mode, why even start games without a tank/healer on both sides.


Please give an additional button to wait for a match with at least 1 tank, 1 healer per team for those that want it.

Waiting an extra 5-10m for this would be much more enjoyable and prevent in so many of these unfair matchups.


I could see that working. Implementing a feature to optionally wait longer but for better comps seems like a good idea for those who want it! Personally, I play for fun and would rather have quick search times for quick match but an option would be nice to please more players.


Mm for QM is beyond a joke, it was bad enough if u could get by with 5-6 wins and then suffer same in defeats, its now become 1 win and 7-8 loss before next win.

They allow MM to give 1 team 3 mages and something like a murky and rhegar then enemy team gets a stealth, butcher, thrall, genji and a supp so whilst you’ve got no front line or dive they have both and you cant do anything to win, next game you get enemy’s with 2 specs like hammer and zag and your comp has no dive or way to get on hammer and even if you do find you can win that having 0 spec vs 2 they just out push on lanes non stop.

and then you get games where a player dies 10+ times and when you say can you please stop feeding they reply with fu n** yet blizzard allow all this to ruin qm and all they care about?
dishing out bans to players who swear… they say they against toxic behaviour yet do nothing to stop players playing poorly on purpose or a mm system that has poor balance for 1 team.

7 loss in a row is beyond a joke with MM now days. I’m happy to admit my skill isn’t high and sometimes I get it wrong, but when you play a game and you get 12+ kills to 2-3 deaths and go labnes for xp and do camps etc, yet you then have a player who goes 0-12 and just sits in 1 lane and blizzard do NOTHING to dissuade that toxic behaviour.

Blizz you have truly sunk to lowest of comanys


QM doesn’t have an MM, it’s supposed to be a quick match game, not correct match game.


dead game


This. It’s so bad in this damn game…my track record isn’t as bad as 1 win and 7 losses but every defeat feels so much more frustrating than ever.

Adding an option to wait longer for a half decent matchup would be so much better than the %$%& show we have now.

Especially with Blizzard implementing ever more versatile heroes (big LOL at Orphea or Imperius) while older heroes are left mostly untouched. I play Kael’thas a lot, and these heroes are bad enough on their own but combo them with Abathur or just any half decent team composition and you’re screwed. Aba+Stealth heroes are so hard it’s not even easy in a team that knows what they’re up against when in draft, but in quick match? In quick match where you probably won’t even have a support or warrior to counter it? Yeah, good luck…

And even if, in this game tank doesn’t equal tank, and a support doesn’t equal support, it’s irresponsible to have discrepancies between characters’ mechanics this grave. Surely heroes need to be diverse and it’s sort of fine for drafts, but quickmatch? It shouldn’t be possible see you’re screwed before the match even starts. Sure, sometimes miracles happen and the enemy team is even worse than the own, but SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS…


My seeing of QM is some kind of training mode.

Example for yesterday:

Hanzo free to play,never played him before and just wanted to learn.
Of 8 matches 5 was Valeera against.How you can handle this is on you,how good you are and get in better condition your hero.
I won only 2 matches of 8.Guess am not that good at Hanzo.

What I learned from it,what can be nice counter pick for my hero,when you play against him or when not to pick him.

Try to think from other angle.

If winning strake is what you need,play some hero you are very good in it and results will be different .