Maybe add more Multiclass heroes ?


Verian is at the moment the only hero that can fill multiple classes in the game… Apparently. But in my opinion there are heroes that can fill this role as well, for example heroes like Abbathur that can be played like a support role in addition to his specialist role, and Rangnaros that can also be a siege hero. Isn’t it weird to have a class of heroes but only have one hero in that class. I suggest that adding new multiclass heroes or move exiting heroes that can fit this role.
Heroes i think can play different roles.

  1. Stukov (Assassin)
  2. Ragnaros (Specialist)
  3. Kharazim (Assassin)
  4. Rehgar (Assassin)
  5. Uther (Warrior)
  6. Abbatur (Support)