Missing loot boxes


since the last update, ive been getting less loot boxes than i should.
for instance i win 2 boxes, when i come to open them, only 1 is available.
this has happened like 4 or 5 times.
whats the deal ?


Unfortunately, Im seeing the same issue since the latest patch(and a few times at that) - get a loot box for level up + hero progress but only one available in the loot box opening tab.


What is really happening is that when the system detects that you are about to level up

That loot box notification is prematurely displayed

And when you actually level up the real notification is displayed as well

So the two things add up to showing two loot boxes being earned when you really received just one


That crosses my mind too but, as I mentioned above, Im kinda expecting the two boxes knowing exactly where they are meant to come from. I presume the original poster is referring to the same issue. Mind you,they are not meant to even show as the same type since the hero progress one is meant to carry at least one item from that hero that I reached the milestone (normally named after them, not just “loot box”) and its this one thats simply not there.


I’ve been wondering about this as well. My selected hero levels up, and my overall progress levels up should give two loot boxes, but as soon as one has been opened, the other disappears. It seems like something is off.


u only get an extra hero specific chest every 10 hero levels, otherwise its just 1


same here they gave an answer about it on a similar post that was silly…that we just see one but we actually get two but we cant see the second one and its normal? probably written by a kid


You have it backwards

You get one but you the notification falsely displays one extra loot chest

Anyway according to the latest patch notes the issue has just been fixed


if u level up and u level up your hero you should get TWO not ONE. it displays TWO but you have only ONE


It has never been like that!

You only get an extra Hero-Specific Loot Chest every ten levels for a specific hero


yes i know. and thats what i am talking about. reached 2 heroes in level 25 was supposed to get a hero specific loot chest and a loot for leveling up and i didn’t


What levels were the heroes you are talking about and what levels did they reach?

What Hero level do you think you were supposed to get the Hero-Specific Loot Chest at?

Show visual evidence please


just said the levels the heroes went to and i am sorry i don’t record or screenshot every moment i spend in a game.
what hero level do i think i was supposed to get?
when you reach level 25 AS I SAID you get hero specific loot chest. it says it clearly


Show me where it says this clearly


right next to the hero before you level him up it show a loot and it says rewards for leveling up to level 25 same at it shows next to your level a small loot chest and tells you in which level you are supposed to get it


This is not evidence

Show me a picture of what you saw


i believe what you’re talking about is hots showing you what is a close way to gain a reward, in this case it was leveling a hero, which happened to be to level 25.
The hero specific one is still only every 10 lvls.

It might have also been showing you that u will get an epic chest if u reach account lvl divisable by 25 which would happen with that specific hero.

It does sound like theres a misinterpretation of what the UI is showing


It happened to me too. 4 or 5 times.
I remember 2 of them specifically.

  1. I won 3 brawls (7 days ago, Lost covern) and leveled Ana to level 2 in the last game and it said I get 2 loot boxes, but there was only 1.
  2. I leveled Lunara to level 30 and got to level 400 and I got only a normal loot box instead of a Lunara loot chest.
    When I click on my profile --> roster --> any hero above level 20: "hero level 30 reward - [hero name] loot chest - contains item for your collection. at least one item for this hero guaranteed.


You don’t get an extra loot chest for every 25 levels. Every 5th level, the chest you get is a rare chest, and will have a minimum of 1 rare item in it. At each 25th level, the chest becomes epic and it will have a minimum of 1 epic item in it. For each 10 level you reach with a hero, you get an extra chest, that has 1 item for that hero, in it. It has been like this since 2.0 where they released the loot chests.

I can’t add in links, but if you go to heroesofthestorm.fandom you can also see it there