Most broken launch character ever?


Kael’thas was op iirc too


Indeed,definitely is for again rework or for nurf!!!
Now with this mana patch…just watch what called OP heroe ,will burn everythung!:slight_smile:


Name one character that does not get wrecked by stuns.

This is a poor argument since a lower tier hero will be obliterated when stunned.

If your team can crush a Mal Ganis with a stun, then imagine the same situation against Valeera. Also name another hero that can go from 2% health to 100% while doing aoe 99% damage to 5 players.


…this - melee is way too hard to play right now. Most of the time you’re waiting in a bush and waiting for the enemy CC to go on cooldown. I recently saw a Thrall try to do something… anything… against a team with Hanzo, Sylvanas, Stitches, Kel’Thuzad, and Uther, on it. It wasn’t funny, I really felt sad for the poor dude, because I knew there was nothing he could do, just die over and over again. And that wasn’t even CC, he was just consistently outranged and outmaneuvered. If he did get into a good position, he was stunned/rooted and deleted.


Agreed. Heroes of the Ranged. I love melee, but since the ranged fest, i only play tanks or tough bruisers like Yrel.


In QM , its no point in discussing

In Ranked, well thts why you draft first and pick counters.

As long as you have the mind = I play best with this hero, so I will take this.
You cant excel in game. Its a team game.

They pick hammer, you get artanis or Li ming
They pick reynor valla, you get lili or johanna
they pick malganis, you get anub or blaze

and things will be good.

Problem is, mostly ppl tend to go with wht they r BEST in ,
If your best hero is Nova or KT, and the opponent has Valeera n Zeratul. there is no way you can b of value.