Most Fun Hero to Play


I like Imperius abilities etc, but his visual design is like Alextrasza, botched up fast and not much to do with source material. It’s a Tyrael Gundam Wings without the hoodie.


Nova, Kerrigan and Liming.
What can I say, I like getting the final blows o.O.


For me it’s abathur.
It’s so different tactical and helpfull on so many levels.
It’s just more interresting as your gameplay style goes from typical teamfighting to…
“Put a mine here, symbiote here, heal and attack and ooh an engage! Join on the melee here and help out while soaking in another lane.”
There are different factors to consider wich makes it fun.
Wich is why I suggested heroes similiar like Abathur in the hero suggestion topics.

I suggested a playable AMON or C’THUN.
If you have nothing better to do give it a read :wink:


Whitemane. I know people think she’s boring but I find her super rewarding.


Li Ming, and planning to learn Orphea


Just ragnaros …………. only ragnaros


Li Ming for me, is fun


Orphea is amazing

If you enjoy Li Ming already then you’re gonna love her if you become good with Orphea

She’s less long ranged than Li Ming but still has around the same damage with excellent mobility

Orphea’s trait also makes her have amazing basic attack damage against heroes to finish them off if you have Chaos

Chaos basic attacks quite often are how I find myself getting takedowns with Orphea if an enemy hero manages to run away with low health


yeah, thts wht most ppl told me,
i bought ktz though, tried him, but i guess need a gud tank for him to work, also need to get my hands on the combos


For me its rexxar, good winrate. Just overall excelent character.
You sololane, do camps and brawl very very well. i like controlling two characters manouvering misha to flank and lockdown people. Post level 13 he is much more dangerous, should have the regen globe quest done for 15 armour and 13 Q gives 125% attackspeed, he goes ham on people.
If you feel like trying, give a shot to:
1.Easy Prey
4. Hunter gatherer,regen 15 armor.
7. Crippling talons (50% slow on seagull toss)
10. Unleash the boars, slow and reveal
13. Aspect of the hawk (most important. hitting heroes with Q increases attackspeed by 125%.
16. Thrill of the hunt 25% movement speed on attack
20. Hardened skin 75% armour