Mount disappearance

Me too. I lost exactly the same skin. I was hoping that there would be an answer here

Adding to the posts here that detail skins/mounts being strangely locked despite being owned, I cannot use my Goliath skin at all, can’t buy it either, even though I own it for years.


Got the exact same problem with the exact same skin

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have the same issue wit’s Elite Pro skin

Same issue here :confused: got it yesterday and it’s locked and unbuyable

Same problem. I lost my D.Va skins and cloud mounts. After last patch i have this bug. Blizzard please fix it.

Same here. My happy face legendary mount is locked… i own it, and cannot buy it either.

mounts i got have been relocked my angry cloud and championship banner

Just tagging this blue in case it helps others find it. Thanks for posting the answer, CoKo1967!

So any idea about what can be done? I have lost multiple skins, through multiple heroes. I swear I had purchased Medivh long time ago but I had to purchase him again last month, due to his disappearance.

Leoric mount gone too

I guess, all you can do is report it and wait for devs to fix it.

I dont know how many heroes are affected but i once unlocked the Platinium Malthael appearance, yet it has been locked again, but i cannot buy it again with shards or anything, its just locked.

Zeratul Unraveler skins can’t be selected and cannot be purchased as well (I already have them)

Same here. Flames of juggernaut missing, all the cloud mounts are gone and I’ve also lost my prime evil diablo skins.

Just won a Golden Nexus Charger in a box, went to use it and it’s locked? This thread makes me think I might have other mounts mysteriously locked out now, but my collection is too big to try and do an inventory.

My Angry Cloud Mount is locked and bugged aswell I can’t use it anymore it shows I own it but its locked and named “illidan” for some strange reason:(

EDIT: Just to add one of my diablo nightmare blue skin is also locked and unsuable even though I own it. Whats going on

Same problem. Since the Hogger patch there is a Zeratul skin (and possibly others) that I can’t pick, nor buy because they are already owned.

You are probably right but the report system is utter garbage. I tried several times and no ticket was logged. Anyway, I just wanted to vent really - I am pretty sure that whatever was lost will be lost. I doubt that there is a way to restore the skins/heroes. This issue is not from the Hogger patch though, it manifested several weeks before the patch was release.

I had a pink motorcycle mount, I can not see now my this mount.