Mouse control is not working on Macbook


Hello, I cant control my mouse cursor in fullscreen mode of game for one month. Again. Are somebode going to solve this problem?
In November I had same probelm, but during December 2018 was this problem solved. Now it is here again. :frowning:
Yes, I can play in window mode (cmd+m) and I am. But really, this is not comfortable. And I hoped, blizzard repair problem in patch in january, but it didn’t.
Thank you. Best regards. Pavel Mucha, Czech republic


Hey Zewoxis,

This is still under investigation, I don’t know when this issue will be fixed though. As a work around, give these steps a go.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


Thank you very much for answer.
I didn’t know about these steps. I have playable fullscreen now, thanks to repair of Accessibility in Privacy settings. :slight_smile:
Best regards! Pavel Mucha from Czech republic