My "Doomed" Hero list


Felt like making this one for fun. But it is a list of heroes I consider doomed at the start.

The reason they are doomed is mostly NOT because of the hero’s design, but by the player or team mates. So here we go.

  • Thrall
    Reason: A great overall hero but whenever picked the oppenent knows how to deal with him, player isn’t skilled or the team doesn’t engage correctly with him

  • Abathur
    We know this guy is banned standard in ranked in higher leagues but in lower leagues no one wants to work with him and alot of players TILT when they see him drafted.

  • Imperius
    He knows how to fight mostly but he doesn’t bring a good impact. He loses the game by dieing alot I am afraid mostly since again. No one can follow him up propperly or the imperius intiates incorrectly.

  • Orphea
    Though lower on the list. She’s on my doomed list since again… people tend to missdraft with her. Not pay attention or the player isn’t that good.

  • Varian
    Another doomed one, though again lower on my list due to the fact he can “variate” His problem arises from people not understandiing him that he cannot solo tank. Or Varians picking the wrong build all together and gets countered.

  • Diablo
    Strangely enough on the list cause whenever he is drafted the player has a low chance of being too engage heavy… or the team’s draft is too depended on Diablo peeling over controlling the battlefield.

  • Lucio
    The support who is decent… but… most of the time gets drafted into hard CC teams. Making him get stun locked too easily.

  • Alexstraza
    Not someone high on my list either but again… mostly drafted with a team of heavy engaging heroes there for not able to do much in follow ups.

  • Whitemane
    This one… is hard to explain since to this day I always see whitemanes preform perfectly well. They do epic saves… do enough damage to heal and try their best to keep their mana up. I mostly chalk it down to… allies beinig too reckless or lack of lane control. Most of her losses isn’t cause of allies dieing alot… just dieing at the end and not defending propperly.

  • Zul’jin
    You got blinds? So do I. Most of his game preformance is decent but he always loses due to him getting blinded or CC’d. He dishes out damage still but just not enough to win games.

  • Auriel
    Only seen her work once in a full premade but other wise… doom and gloom.
    I think this one is because allies don’t group up for her heals.
    Sometimes the skill of the Auriel comes into play where Crystal Statis might CANCEL OUT plans of allies. Such as… ETC moshpits, Dark Conversions from Mal’Ganis, Any hero using a leap and such.

And thats my list for now. Whenever I see these heroes picked or I have to pick them… I dread if it will work…


What about probius? :grin:


bronzelol problems i can decimate an entire team with thrall same with imperius and diablo so major l2p issue here


No sgt. is not mobile. and no the 50 armor is not only against mage damage! it’s against all damage. also l2p. get to master like me. you are wrong. lol


I feel insulted with this list, u know what I mean.

Also, things u describe literally can be applied to any hero, lol. Do you even get to play with Tracers?


Isn’t played alot… mostly wins.

Indeed you can do that in bronze. In my rank you can’t do that wich is diamond/plat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Don’t know whats up wiith that.

Yes but they mostly know how to avoid getting caught and not get countered.