My Skin suggestions


I have a bunch of skin suggestions, some lingering around for quite a while. I had written most of them out before, but the forum decided to eat my post for whatever reason, not placing it at all. Afterwards I mostly forgot about it, but I decided to try again today :slight_smile: .

Camouflage Skin set:
Camouflage clothing for various Heroes basically. Coming in green (forest), yellow (desert) and grey (urban) varieties. Doesn’t have to be very realistic, can be something more comical, as HotS is not a military game after all. Or more bland, since due to the perspective most of the detail of a camouflage pattern would be irrelevant anyway.

Also, the Camouflage Skin Set does gravitate towards heroes that currently have very few skins (Hanzo, The Lost Vikings, Ana), or towards heroes in which most if not all skins share a common theme I dislike (, Nova and Tracer’s playsuits).
More options would be Varian and Tychus, but they already have various different themes. I also included Junkrat, because I think he could use a more sane variety, even if equally ridiculous.

Hanzo: Hanzo gains a new voice-over (very Scottish accent, of course :joy: ), losing all of his Japanese dialogue and getting very Scottish ones instead. He wears a full military uniform, bagpack included. Bagpipes are strapped to one of his shoulder and his compound bow is replaced with a typical British longbow.
LEGENDARY: Forest Highlander Hanzo
LEGENDARY: Desert Highlander Hanzo
LEGENDARY: Urban Highlander Hanzo
Themed Abilities (Arrows modified, Playing bagpipes when he summons his twin dragon)
Replaced Voiceover (Scottish voice acting. Special interactions with Grenadier Junkrat (exchanging some friendly banter as they are both fighting in a completely outdated attire) and Tychus (who calls Highlander Hanzo a fool) would be great)
This skin would come with a new Legendary Announcer: Highlander Hanzo

Junkrat: Junkrat… well, I would like to turn him into a classical Grenadier, so his uniform would get a weird mix of historical and modern elements, being a crossover between a British historical redcoat and a modern soldier. With a historical variation for the sake of it.
He also would need a somewhat sane-sounding voice-over.
LEGENDARY: Forest Grenadier Junkrat
LEGENDARY: Desert Grenadier Junkrat
LEGENDARY: Urban Grenadier Junkrat
LEGENDARY: Redcoat Grenadier Junkrat
Themed Abilities (Grenades, Concussion Mine and RIP-Tire all look vastly different)
Replaced Voiceover (Sane voice acting, mostly. Special interactions with Highlander Hanzo could be amusing)
This skin would come with a new Legendary Announcer: Grenadier Junkrat

The Lost Vikings: All three vikings wear now military camouflage clothing. Their weapons are unchanged.
EPIC: Forest Camouflage The Lost Vikings
EPIC: Desert Camouflage The Lost Vikings
EPIC: Urban Camouflage The Lost Vikings, in Pilot Mode she wears a sleeveless jacket and standard long military pants. Her gun remains the same though it’s now coloured black in all three sets. All Overwatch-symbols are gone from her uniform, though there is still the iconical rabbit emblem stitched to her chest.
Her Mech sees minor changes, mostly the new color scheme. Maybe have the Mech protect D.Va better (the fact that her arms are exposed is comical), but it might be better to not strain the art team’s workload.
RARE: Forest Camouflage
RARE: Desert Camouflage
RARE: Urban Camouflage
RARE: Camouflage D.Va (pink uniform, pink Mech)

Tracer: Tracer just in a bland uniform. As opposed to, her jacket has long sleeves (as otherwise their uniforms would be the same) to reflect she’s walking outside and not supposed to sit in a vehicle most of the time. It would look quite bland, but sometimes simplicity is all we want.
RARE: Forest Camouflage Tracer
RARE: Desert Camouflage Tracer
RARE: Urban Camouflage Tracer

Nova: Nova in a bland uniform. However, Nova wears a backpack unlike Tracer and
RARE: Forest Camouflage Nova
RARE: Desert Camouflage Nova
RARE: Urban Camouflage Nova

Ana: Mostly a recolor of the current Ana. However, she now also carries a heavy backpack, much like Nova. Hers is actually even larger, and a large first aid kit can be seen sticking out.
RARE: Forest Camouflage Ana
RARE: Desert Camouflage Ana
RARE: Urban Camouflage Ana

Skin sets that don’t fit anywhere else.

Brightwing: (Fairy Skin Set)
Brightwing as a young fairy. Why not? Requires probably an entirely new model which is both a curse (more work) and a blessing (didn’t the art team state that they hate working on Brightwing’s model?). As a fairy, she would have a very slender frame (to the point it’s unattractive by human standards) with large butterfly-esque wings in order to fly easily. Their clothes tend to be inspired by the nature that surrounds them, but rather unrestrictive to ease flying.
LEGENDARY: Lake Fairy Brightwing (wings are various shades of blue)
LEGENDARY: Mountain Fairy Brightwing (wings are coloured various shades of red and brown)
LEGENDARY: Lightning Fairy Brightwing (wings are coloured various shades of white and yellow)
LEGENDARY: Flaming Fairy Brightwing (wings are tinted from yellow to dark red)
LEGENDARY: Verdant Fairy Brightwing (wings are various shades of green)
Replaced Voiceover (Much like with Junkrat - this variation of Brightwing sounds sane and has therefore an entirely different dialogue, probably more about peace, like Jaina).

Ragnaros: (Obsidian Skin Set)
Ragnaros only has very few skins, and considering he is made of lava… what about a variety that is far more solid?
EPIC: Obsidian Ragnaros (Made of stones with a few faint lines of lava visible)
EPIC: Dark Obsidian Ragnaros (made of darker stones than the default Obsidian)
EPIC: Melting Obsidian Ragnaros (Stones are lit up with flowing lava)
Themed Abilities (less lava, more rock)

Ragnaros: (Sexy Skin Set)
Ragnaros with the idealized Greek masculine upper body, made out of fire in various tints. Maybe have him flexing when he taunts for the sake of additional comedy. Because yet, this is a meme skin, if the name didn’t make it clear.
RARE: Sexy Ragnaros
RARE: Infernal Sexy Ragnaros
RARE: Molten Sexy Ragnaros
Yes, I really named the skin that. Because in the end, that’s what people are going to call it anyway and it’s probably the clearest way to get the true idea of the skin across without making a sketch. It’d be hilarious in the same sense as Bikini Stitches, albeit with a slightly different approach.

I think that’s it for now. I’d like to hear some opinions :slight_smile: .


yeah i want new skins for Hanzo


Christmas skins suggestions based on Rise of the guardians movie:

  1. Sandman for Deckard Cain
  2. Toothfairy for Brightwing
  3. Jack-Frost for Jaina
  4. Easter Bunny for Kharazim
  5. Pitch Black (Boogie man) for Malthael

Cheers and happy holidays!