New greatest idea for map " Forths and Mortal Engines"


Time is this year for greatest map ever made called “Castles and Mortal Engines”.
2 line map with escorteble 2 drivers and defendble blow up boombs and at middle 1 big size heavy mortal taran engine wich be cotroble only with these 2 drivers. 2 line walls. Core is stong big door. 1 st weak wall like is like normal in almost all maps with towers. 2 th heavy wall but without towers with 2 srtong big doors . This second strong wall (with high HP)would be destroyble only with this heavy big taran mortal engine wich be destroyble only with booms. Boombs would getble and droble from heroes. 2 type drivers spawnble at 2 spots ,up and down line with different spawn times with high HP and AOE low.dmgs and to be healble from supports. Between 2 walls would be located 2 defendble spots boombs,with weak guards. Booms will spawn count times ,1 time up, 1 time down lines Drivers also would be with different count spawn times ,but with not one same cycle way ! For an axample 3 count spawn times up line ( up area) or 2 times . And with same way and down line or down area!.Core would be 2 big size Castles!.
I know you plan to add new map this mouth or next mouth. You not need to rush work on such map. You can released April mouth! :slight_smile:
So?! …:slight_smile:


Hey what you think?! :slight_smile:
Is interesing?!:slight_smile:


A siege map would really be interesting if it wouldn’t be a copy of other maps(of how Garden of Terror ended up).
Can we reach the castle(core) without the objetive ? And after we reach the core can the heroes distroy it or another obj. is needed ?


Only this " mortal.engine wirh driver" can destroy core (door) and second wall.
Mortal.Engine can be destroyed only whit these booms!

I glad you like my idea for this map.
I hope so Blizzard start work on in future.


I suppose that by mortal engines you mean rams, right ?
But will these engines spawn at the same time for both teams ? Or will they take turns as a defender and assailant ?
I understand that bombs will drop from heroes and we will distroy the rams with them. We will need several bombs or just one ?


Yes, its like ram
Is only one Mortal Engine Ram and would spam only one at middle and would start go 1 time to blue team , 1 time to red team second wall and Door ( core)
Pilots would spawn with different repeatble times, 2 or 3 times up line, 2 or 3 times at down line
Boombs would be spwawn again with different count times .
1 time at up line at blue team, 1 time at down line at the red team.
4 booms spots. 2 at red side up, down lines
2 at blue side, again up/ down lines.
Would not exist seage camps like all rest maps.
Because seage minions not must destroy second wall and Door ( Core).
First forths would be normal like rest maps and would be destroyed only from this Mortal Engine Ram and heroes, but would be with high % health cross check with health like current versione all rest maps.
Would really interesing map,don you think?!:slight_smile:
I did try spam this my topic ,becausei want to be high vote up and collext many thoughts from playerbase.
But infornately peoples not read my topic.
I would continue spam my topic in US, EU forums and reddit( there i either post my topics).