New player looking for players

i have to say that so far my favorite character is greymane. I am waiting to unlock tassadar, he is a powerful mage. This game i like it more than lol.

hey, since sadly nobody has responded to you, as a fellow player, i just wanted to give you some pointers that might help you for finding teammates:

  • in your friendlist at the top, beneath your name, you can enable the option I am looking for a party. People might invite you because you will show in the main-screen for some of them :slight_smile:
  • check the ingame chat channels via /join your-channel-of-choice and ask if somebody wants to queue with you. (you can type /help to get an overview over commands. Type /list to see a list of all active channels.
    • Popular channels are:
      • General enGB (probably channel with most users)
      • reddit
      • chogall (for users that look for a chogall partner :slight_smile: Btw. you don’t have to own cho’gall, if your partner owns cho’gall. Perfect for new players!)
      • heroeslounge (The largest Heroes of the storm Amateur league. Just google it)
  • Play some games solo and if you have a nice or fun game, just ask if somebody wants to queue up with you for the next game? Just invite your former teammates to a party in the post-game screen or add them as friend. Giving compliments about their (hopefully) great gameplay helps! haha :smiley:

In general, you probably will have most success, if you play and invite people with roughly similar levels (Only at the beginning until you can play ranked) or rank (this is a more accurate measure of your skill-level), because some people prefer to have games matching their own skill-level.