New Storm League


So, the Dev’s finally merge the 2 leagues. That is long overdue IMHO. It would also boost player numbers, if they not also decided to restrict queueing.

What for? A few days ago, I got stomped in a 4-men against one Diamond and a couple of silver players. Was it unfair? Certainly not. They played the map more flexible, they rotated quicker and had an overall better decision making. They deserved to win. Its more frustrating to lose more points due to personal rank adjustments, but hey, this is obviously some kind of holy grale for the developers, so i cope with it.

The problem is that i now will not be able to play with my friends (one is very highly ranked and 2 of us rather low). We just started to practise a bit for heroes lounge and needed to use TL, as it is they only play mode that allows to pick a hero from any spot.

So please remove the restriction. We all know that your combination of MMR and rank is not a very precise metric for the actual skill of a player. Did you ever consider looking at your own data? The majority of your players never moves outside a certain range of ranks and some might have even dropped over the course of their learning curve. Does this sound like a working system?

So please, either remove the restriction or, if this is another holy grale, allow for “professionell” drafting in Unranked also. Most people do not care about their rank anymore, but they care about playing together and this is what HOTS (still) excels in.

I just realized how it would be possible continue playing with may friends: we all create smurf accounts. I never wanted to (what for), but this seems to be the solution.


im amost agree you,i know would exist so many players wich not agree or hate this 2 differnece new role,if MMR or MM was really perfect( or defite who player deserve this league who not) then they must add this role.And they decide to add it because they want we play with similar game skill and to stop players wich play with his smurf accounts.With this almost mess deserve league skill is not good.
We understand very well these is not perfect or smart solutione to exist now.But and i like thise new role.Alteast we be matched with closest or similiar game skilled players.


I dont understand how changing MM algorythm ever going to stop bad MM, when games can be won/lost on draft ?
Single heroes have such hard counters, they are totally out if matched against such foes.

Also if we look at the “new” roles, which dont change a single thing (PTR changelog). We had January Imperius release, now its near end of March, 2 months and what we got ? A new icons for roles !

And its amazing, that Alarak is melee assassin, when his abilities have range better than several ranged assassins and most his gameplay revolves at NOT BEING IN MELEE unlike Kerrigan.

And why Valeera is as melee assassin not bruiser when she has more health than Ragnaros, Thrall, Malthael - and why Butcher is not a Bruiser then Thrall and Ragnaros are ?


Dude…about what you defite wich heroe is in right class type…
Can you explain to me how you defite who heroe is in right class type with argumemt,proofs,facts and based on his abilityes type?! How you do that?!

Let me guess what is your logic…
About Alarak…he had E skil wich does range lighting dmgs,his heroic skill this one charge,right?!
And you " think" is not malee assasins,right?!
He is melee assasin because his normal melee dmg is melee and his “W” skill is short distance skill!!
Because he had 2 so long range skills only, this NOT mean he is range assasin.
About Butcher…his normal attack.dmg is melee , his " E" charge range .His type is melee assasin, NOT melee bruser!!
First you are so young to understand how you defenite what heroe is in right type class.Your thinking logic is with worng way!!
You want to argue with Blizzard peoples wich his work in only in his game and they work everyday on his game and they also play his game almost.everyday and also they are so old than you based of ages and his intellect is high cross check with your low intellect and his expirience is high in his game. want continue argue with them?!:slight_smile:

And yes you are half right about to remove this role 2 diference leagues. Becuase with this whole almost mess (who playee deserve his right own league or game.skill).


You guessed my logic wrong.
Its not about whether he has melee/ranged abilities, but how is he played. For instance Rexxar is ranged, not because he throws axes, but because he avoids being in melee.

Alarak also, you AVOID going in melee with him. Even tough his basic attacks are one of the strongest in game, Alarak game play resolves around not using basic attacks outside certain situations, like enemy got in melee and there is no dire need to retreat, or if you pulled someone to get a change to hit.
The same with Greymane - you stay in ranged and avoid melee unless there is a clear situation, like diving for the kill.
Kerrigan however, she needs to be in melee, even tough all her abilities are ranged and with decent range - she is dying to hug enemies and most of her game play is figuring out how to engage and use enemy mistakes to give free hugs.

Now Butcher.
His Onslaught and Hammstring deal 120 damage - thats WARRIOR class damage not assassin. The short CD can saves them, but his vast majority of damage is basic attacks. Now basic attacks are weaker than Thrall and Alarak, comparable to Ragnaros and a joke compared to Greymane.
His whole build (current patches) rely on SURVIVAL, CC heroic and trait, which when completed gives him damage that can offset his weak abilities.
If he hadnt the brand healing, hed be useless. Deny him oportunity to heal from brands and he does no damage, but still survives for quite a bit with his healthpool.

Also i asked why Butcher is not a Bruiser when Ragnaros and Thrall are.

Another thing is that i can hardly understand the idea of a “Tank”
In PvE, tanks job was to gather attention and damage so that healers could focus heal 1-3 targets. And depending on encounter other roles, like tanking for main tank to wear off boss debuffs, pull adds, position boss/adds etc.

But in PvP - Tank is more of a general term for ability to withstand alot of damge, thus playing deep. Tanks are avoided and often not the target of damage. So its like they work oposite to the PvE.

The best roles would be put:

Vanguard (a better word for Tank) - high sustainability, main job to distrupt enemy movements. Either dely their engage or deny escape. Secondary job is to peel - Vanguards should have strong basic attack damage, but next to no burst.

Bruiser - high sustainability counter-frontline. Main job would be to keep enemy melee and divers at bay. strong basic attack, weak burst and high sustain.

Skirmisher - traded mobility over sustainability with high burst. Able to deal damage from range, but his strongest point is short fuse burst that requires to get close or in melee.

Ranger - freedom of aim, sustained single target damage from safe distance. Weak but constant source of damage, ability to switcht priority targets at whim, semi-burst on longer cooldown.

Mage - either a ranged burst hero with skillshots (blockable by frontline, minions and summons) thus doesnt have the freedom to switch to priority targets. Or go free-cast AOE, but limited burst.

Healer + Support


I think that your role description of “assassins” in terms of skirmisher, ranger and mage is way more accurate than the current or planned one. I think that the skirmisher in particular compared to the ranger pretty much describes what one has to do on of those heroes.

I do not fully agree on your assessment of bruiser though. You wrote:

There are very few heroes outside of the classic warrior role that are able to start a team fight on their terms and even those profit if their tank initiates the fight (like maeiv or kerrigan). So I like your term of Vanguard and agree on the main job being to “disrupt enemy movement” (aside from peeling),

However, the main job of bruiser is not to “keep melee and divers at bay”, although some of them are quite good at it and might be picked exactly for this additional function as off-tank or 2nd frontline (Arthas over Thrall for example).

I would say that the job of a bruiser is to control lanes and camps (being a self-reliant off-laner comes with the job description) as well as to divert and kill the backline of the enemy (e.g. via flanks or diving). In short: Bruisers constantly draw the attention of the enemy on themselves by either macro-play or by wrecking havoc amidst the enemy heroes.

So your description of a tank in PvP kind of describes a bruiser for me.


Bruiser - by definition is a fighter who exchanges blows, enters agressively and doesnt back down regardless of hits taken. You could go with Brawler, but brawl is mostly reffered to completely unskilled attempt at combat, usualy when drunk.

As for laning and camps - Most non-bruisers are better than bruisers at that. Tanks - Blaze, Arthas, Malganis, Johanna, Stitches, even Anubarak can lane decently and take camps.
Melee assassins - Illidan, Murkey, Samuro, Gazelow (lol at him assassining) can make most bruisers run
Ranged Assassons - Azmodan, Cassia, Chromie, Falstad, Fenix, Greymane, Guldan, Hanzo, Jaina, Junkrat, Kaelthas, Orphea, Probius, Raynor, Hammer, Sylvannas, Tychus, Zagara, Zul’jin all can and should outlane bruisers, or atleast not lose to them and drain mana/health for them to be low during objectives.


Its the same cra.p repacked in a new brand. I dare you Blizz to prove me wrong, well it really doesnt matter, i bail on this game months ago :slight_smile:


Just like new league system. Dividing rank 1-50 into 5 visions of 5 + masters and GM didint do anything exept making bigger differences between ranks since there are less ranks.


Solution is SIMPLE no restriction ONLY for 5 party and play vs. enemy rank same with the highest player rank…


This is almost how they did it. If your team is full, you can play now matter the rank. However if your friends are lower than 2 leagues, the team gets matched as if they were as high mmr as the highest player on your team.

PS: Read the news before you complain and stop asuming things.