Nice matchmaking Blizzard, well played


GOLD 1 (solo)
GOLD 2 (in party)
GOLD 1 (in party)
PLAT 5 (solo)
GOLD 1 (solo)


PLAT 4 (full party)
GOLD 1 (full party)
GOLD 3 (full party)
DIAMOND 3 (full party)
GOLD 2 (full party)


This happens all the time or very often. The average mmr system has these fails. If you want to have advantage please take one from bottom gold, one good rank like master and then rest somewhere in gold. You never face masters or as good players. People “get” easier games by making these parties. Its called “lower the average mmr”. Allthought it was claimed that parties (with such compositions) will face tougher enemies it wont work like they want.


Yeah you make a full group with one of the lowest rank you can have in the group and queue. Substantially easier matches and never have to face your own mmr.
It is cheating but straightup allowed and most people do it if they can.