Nice Nerf/Buff patch, but what for ?


So I was looking through the patch notes and I am astonished.
I think people at Blizzard don’t understand why some heroes are not being played much and others are being played a lot.

Ranked game won’t see those heroes back in action any time soon.
You just buffed already strong heroes, some considered too op for fair play in higher ranks and you just made them less fair. Half the heroes you buffed were rarely seen not because they are not popular but because they are too strong in certain compositions and situations, making them stronger won’t change that.

Other heroes that have been constantly on the BANNED status in draft games (not only ranked but also unranked) have been buffed further making them impossible to play in draft modes.

The only Hero I see got buffed out of pity was Ragnaros, I mean, is this for real ? What is your aim for Ragnaros play ?
LVL 1 Talent
Shifting Meteor damage bonus increased from 3% to 5%

What is this supposed to change with so much buff on other heroes ?
And you still not done anything about Malganis being an insane permaban on ranked games and unranked.

I never liked nerfing heroes but blatant buffing everyone doesn’t fix the issues with balance.

I guess it’s clear now.

Therefore I suggest a change in damage and health mechanics.
All attacks deal 1 damage, abilities deal 2-3 damage.
All characters have a total of 100 health, buildings have 1000 health Keeps/Forts have 2000 health Core has 5000 health.

Your damage issues are now solved.


This patch wasn’t really about buffing Heroes.

The main purpose of this patch was to increase talent diversity. All the tiny buffs are to previously underperforming talents, with the hopes that they might be (more) viable now. The idea isn’t to make the Heroes stronger, but to make sure ‘Hero + (underpowered talent)’ isn’t significantly weaker than ‘Hero + standard build’)


It’s pretty much what we call buffing, something is weak = make it stronger = buff it up.
You pretty much defined what a buff is.

Problem with that is that talents that actually didn’t need a buff got buffed or were changed.
All this while over a dozen Heroes need an actual update to perform equally at least among the already buffed heroes.

I’m not a fan of Ragnaros but his kit didn’t see daylight since 2.0 and the slight adjustments he occasionally gets is no where near doing him any favors.


Yes, but what you’re (still) ignoring is where those buffs apply to. They’re not buffing the entire Heroes, but only specific underperforming talents on builds on those Heroes.

For example, two of Kerrigans talents got buffed. However, the only time Kerrigan gets to benefit from the buffs this patch is if she takes those talents. And those talents were (are?) so weak that Kerrigans rarely picked them and usually lost when they did. The only time the buffs matter is when Kerrigan takes those talents, and in those cases she’s weak enough she can use those buffs anyway. The rest of the time the Hero remains unchanged.

Again, the purpose of the patch isn’t to make the Heroes stronger, but to make their weaker builds less underwhelming compared to their normal power level. As a side benefit, this also makes it easier to (re)balance them in the future, as then nerfs might not completely invalidate certain builds.

That’s extremely subjective though, and depends entirely on what you think constitutes a ‘need’. The talents that got buffed were underperforming, and as such there is a clear argument why buffing them could be useful even if it isn’t strictly necessary.

Sure, that’s another problem. Talent diversity is also important though, and that’s what they tried to address this patch. Next patch might be more Hero Balance-oriented. Fun thing about balance is that there’s a ton of different aspects to work on.


And you just admitted those changes being buffs 6 times while referring to the changes.

So it’s ok to not call buffs buffs when they are buffs even if people that defend that those are not buffs admit that they are buffs.

I called them buffs because they are buffs.

The changes to talents make abilities referring to those talents, stronger, ergo, they are buffs.

The problem IS however, things that NEEDED a buff, got nerfed, again, and heroes that actually need a buff direly, get +2% to their single ability damage.

Thanks I guess for pointing out what I said already.

I wonder when is the next nerf for Malfurion coming, as he is now I have no idea why some people pick him as healer in drafts, atm his healing is lower than my Orphea self sustain, really, the entire last game I did 12+K self healing while Malf did 8+k healing and he was doing what he could but he couldn’t do much.

I actually tested this new build of his and I came to a conclusion that if you pick Malf, you best better be drunk, cuz that’s the only way you’ll see a positive in his healing right now. I get trapper title after the game instead of a top team healer, cuz anyone with self sustain has more healing than me as malf.

Now OK I admit I’m not a big shot when it comes to healing but seriously, this is ridiculous when I see some really dedicated people trying really hard with Malf, at lvl 23 they got to 23k healing when enemy Tassadar is doing 57k.

Something is really off.


True, they are. I’m not denying that.

However, you seem(ed?) to claim that they were meant as overall buffs to the Heroes, and that is not the case. They’re only intended to make the lesser-used talents on those Heroes more viable.

For example, take Kerrigan. She’s a strong Hero already, so she doesn’t need overall buffs. However, she did have a couple of weak and (essentially) useless talents in her tree, and so they buffed those to make them more viable.

Where? I only see 3 actual Hero nerfs in the patch, (Jaina, Anub, Zeratul), and all of those seem reasonable enough given how strong those Heroes can be.

Again, this patch was (seemingly) not aimed at Hero balance, but at improving talent diversity. The purpose of that Ragnaros change wasn’t necessarily to make Ragnaros more powerful, but merely to make W build a more viable option when playing Ragnaros.

Side note: Ragnaros seems powerful enough, solid 51% winrate at the moment. He’s tricky to play effectively (I know I’m terrible at him) but he doesn’t need buffs.

Re: Malfurion:

That honestly sounds like it’s just a skill issue. Malfurion’s rework changed him from being one the easiest to one of the hardest healers. He can still heal, but it requires quite a bit more effort now. To get the full value out of your healing you need to have 5 Q’s active at all times, and then you have hit a (multi-man) Moonfire every 3s (and possibly hit a 5-man Tranquility now and then). Juggling all those requirements (and not running out of mana too often) can be quite tricky, especially compared to the old version where you could just chill in the backline, throw out Q on cooldown and get most of your healing done.


Yes and that’s precisely why his rework was far too intense, if this is what they wanted to make him as a healer the change is by far too drastic, they should have taken more time reworking him, piece by piece so people can adjust over time, the rework is done so badly that every time I see a lvl 150 picking him as healer I just can’t help myself and not say GG on draft chat.

There’s literally no way to mitigate that change, which is also why Unranked and Ranked should have a Hero lvl requirement.

In addition, heroes after reworks should be temporarily excluded from draft modes for every player until they actually played them for a bit to understand the changes. Now I can see this being controversial but how are people going to take Blizzard seriously after all the poopstorm they did over the last 3 months ?

Drastic changes need to be done to attract players back to the game.
Unless that’s no longer their aim.