Old accounts have some benefits?


Just played solo match in Silver 1 with party of 3.
Some old accounts,they tottal together have 20 games in League with winrate 11 percent,one with 0 zeroo and 13 percent winrate.

We played against two Golds and rest Silver.

How is even possible to match with that players and how they play guess Silver 1,lvl 55,lvl 150 and lvl 80 with no Team or Hero League played before.

Is it cuz that`s are an old accounts or what ?

Sometimes think I just play with AI`s in League…


I think you played together because you have similar MMR.

They never played ranked? Ok, but the system gives them an MMR coming from QM or UR to create composition and making the match.


it could also be the mmr bug everyone talks about. I ended last season in gold 4, went 7-3 and got to platinum 3, idk why game gave me plat/diamond teammates or my mmr was boosted, but heck, I’ll take it

on my other account I ended season in silver 3 and got gold 3 teammates from first game of placement, but they played poorly (yes, they not me) and my winrate was terrible so I got placed in silver 2. Idk why, but since then my teammates are great and I’m pushing to gold 4 now after 7 wins in a row. My point is, something wonky happened to mmr and its like mine got boosted by 1 total league (so 5 levels) and I’m getting skilled teammates that help me get to “where I’m suppose to be” according to blizzard. At least thats my impression. They think one of my accs belongs to mid plat and other mid gold, even though they finished exactly 1 full league below that last season (highest), actually they all ended in silver 2 afaik.


I guess you know for accs with just played placment matches like 5-5 or 6-4 for seasson and nxt one to nxt promoted in higher league.

If it`s MMR like you say,whata fk I was doing with 70 perrcent winrate when we have same MMR,me dropped 2 divisions lower.

I saw acc with 2000 level and they cant move from Silver with over 5k games in League,hows that?
Not even Diamonds have so much positive winrate btw.

You played against me one game xD


I did? Well then, I hope I won that game!