Online gaming freezes every x seconds



Game started to freeze every x seconds while playing online (doesn’t happen in training ground). It just started after been playing HoTs for many years. I feel like it happened from day to day.

I tried to uninstall drivers and roll back to old drivers. Didn’t work. Also I have tried all fixes posted on the forums. I tried to play on my friends network where the issues is also occurring while he plays fine (no router problem). I’m almost giving up!

I also tested this on macOS. It doesn’t freeze here but performance is AWFUL!. So I guess this is a Windows issue. But where in Windows?

Here is my MSInfo and dxdiag files. Hope someone can help me out! :slight_smile:

Why can’t I include hyperlink?

Thanks in advance


hi. i just reply because i currently got the same issue. i used to play this game without any problem so i hope someone will answer. my question is… why we arent able to ask for help related to hots directly from blizzard employees? :confused: only allowed to post to forum…


Hello Abs0lut3Zer0,

Just to make sure, have you tried all of these steps here? And you can add links here by just adding a “space” in that link.

We here are Blizzard employees as well.

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Sounds like the problem I had, I got it fixed by updating my OS (Windows 10) MANUALLY. I have heard that this has worked for some other people so I really suggest you to do the same if you have Windows 10. I posted the fix originally here Game started to freeze/stutter so check it if you want.


Okay. New update guys

I noticed that disk usage goes to almost 100% when it lag for 1-2 secs and then back to normal

https ://i.imgur .com/JUK1OQq.png

I also updated Windows to newest version. :slight_smile:

dxdiag : https :// pastebin .com/raw/x8sBdez7
MSInfo : https :// pastebin .com/raw/04GiWTYf


Hello again,

I see you are using a MacBook with a Windows Bootcamp. I assume you are running Heroes under Windows. Have you ever tried the Mac Version of the game?

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Yes. I tried to play on macOS but it’s unplayable with 10 fps at even lowest settings and 1600x900 resolution. On Windows i fire up +80 fps with same settings.

But this issue is something that just happened. Have been playing fine on Windows for 2 years