Orphea most op hero ever seen!


Orphea is the most op hero I have ever seen.
She is killing hero after hero.
She must be nerfed to the ground.


It is time to learn how to dodge spells, my friend. If you dodge Orphea’s Q ability she loses a lot of dmg and has no escape which makes it easy to kill.


Did you try to dodge?


Agreed… Lolita barbie girl char owns the game… Why is she even in the game? Who requested or even liked her? Dmg and mobility are sickening.


I didn’t request her but I do like her

Orphea takes some warming up to but she’s nice

AND she’s a symbol that the nexus has some form of lore of it’s own that matters

I still wish they brought that tutorial story back where Raynor met Diablo though


Sorry i am not into lil girls. She really is out of place here. I do love blasting heroes to pieces while playing her.


Look at it as ONLY a game character, lol ,

And, orphea is devastating in the right hands, True

But, So is Li Ming
So is Genji
So is Hanzo
So is KTZ
and several others,

Nope, Shes fine.
Just you need to learn to dodge her Q ,

May b u been unlucky to face a smurf account playing Orphea.