Overmind as new hero


i wont get into too much of details about overmind from starcraft but i would like to give suggestion in why i think he would be nice to have in Hots.

I think he would be a nice Core replacement hero where you can act as support for the team.

  • when you start a match you can see the core morphing into Overmind from a drone spawning nearby.

  • Overmind’s talent tree should make him able to support his team in different ways.

  • he could make the lines stronger by swapping out minions and make them self soaking or he could support heroes with boosts and buffs.

  • with the talent tree he could swap the regen globe carrier with a drone and make it grab regen globes and put it in nearby fort to provide Overmind and his team mana and health.

  • Drones could also be the one soaking Xp and could be countered by The lost vikings, murky and azmo

  • you can upgrade so drones can rebuild destroyed towers and forts into weaker zerg structures to temporary disable siege spawn and provide line defence, but shouldnt be hard to destroy.

(in the end every line spawns replaced stronger units themed to your skin and require enemy team to split regulary but provide poor support in teamfights)

  • cause Overmind dont need Z to speed himself it could be called Zerg rush and make minions get 50% speed for 10 sec at 50 sec cd

in other direction within the talent tree, he could boost heroes in his team to make them become stronger at cost of stronger lines and xp soaking.

an upgrade could make the zerg rush work on heroes too but they will only get 15 or 20% movement speed instead.

another upgrade could mark an enemy hero for 5 sec by the overmind and that hero will take 10% more damage from attacks.

maybe higher health and mana regen.

im not gona go much into the details there but the main thing i want him to do is to mass supporting everyone at the same time as the Overmind.
just like he is controlling the Zerg swarm.

  • I think that it have alot of room for legendary skins.
    turning Overmind into alot of other factions.
    replacing the Talent swapped Minions with the skin you are going for.

maybe the core could be constructed into a Command center and spawns terrans.
maybe its a Horde Stronghold.
Tree of life, Murloc huts.
alot of things you can use.

Overmind is replaced by the skin you choose, changing into Adjustant, murloc, tree of life and all that stuff while at it.

( fair warning. i barely want to take too much time on the idea XD)


I have wanted the Overmind as a Hero for a really long time. I’m sad to see that the Overmind doesn’t get as much attention as other villains in the blizzard universe. I could see him working like Abathur but more minion based like Zagara. As much as I would like massive swarms of Zerg and buildings, it would be much easier if it was restricted to maybe just two Zerg types, for example Zerglings and Overseers. This prevents cluster and allows for more counterplay against a “global” Hero.

For the swarm!