Overwatch heroes


Hello there

how i can see there is no have to much damage Overwatch heroes
it will be cool if u add some of them
Reaper,McCree,Torbjorn or Doomfist
i hope that u like my idea
stay the best


Actually i came to the forum for the same reason, i really want Reaper to be in the game i love him so much, as long as they added Overwatch characters, i think it’s worth to add Reaper, because as u all know, that Reaper one of the oldest characters from Overwatch, so he deserve to be in this game too. I swear to god i feel so much addicted to Reaper and i really wish that he is in the game, or adding him soon. I hope this suggestion get better, and make Blizzard add them to the game.


Range slightly bigger than Blaze’s, some aoe on basic attack, Teleport, invulnerability, AOE ult and shooting while moving?
This hero would be most cancerous of them all.