Overwatch New Heros?


So I am starting to think the game is lacking Overwatch hero’s, the new hero is pretty neat but the vast majority of the hero’s in the game is Warcraft.
First I think D.Va needs a rework and have said this before so I won’t go into that but I am thinking some others hero’s should be added.

Brigitte, Mei!! (Jaina is the only ice hero lets add Mei), Symmetra and or Torbjorn (Some more turret users), Wrecking Ball, Reaper, Ashe, Mccree, Baptist and Pharah.

I would have included Bastion and Mercy but I can’t see how they would work, Mercy’s main healing or damage boost is just a constant stream so it would be similar to Lt Morales however mercy can’t attack while healing or buffing.
Maybe you could have something similar to Fenix’s Weapon mode button to switch between the pistol and staff on the “D” key, could have another key like Lucio’s skill crossfade where you switch between between healing or damage boost. Would her revive be OP if was a normal skill with maybe 30 or 40 second cool down or just a high MP cost?

And Bastion turns into a turret and as you can’t move attackers could just stay out of range, unless you made the gun have a large fire range like Hammer than it could work.
Widowmaker might be nice to pair with Nova but I can’t see it happening as Nova has Widowmaker skins.

Just my opinion, my main choices would be a Brigitte, Mei along with a D.Va rework and a turret user.
But please give Hero’s some more Overwatch characters.

Sorry about any spelling and or grammar it is 12:50 am and I am pretty much falling asleep.


OW heroes are the cancer of this game. They never should have been introduced in the first place.


Ah some of them are alright, Tracer and then Genji were just ridiculously overpowered for a very long time. Too much mobility hurts obviously, but heroes like Ana, Zarya or Hanzo fit well into the game in my opinion.




Who exactly are these then?

Both of these heroes were always easily countered by Stuns and Silences

Tracer herself is actually countered by Genji quite effectively

People who actively avoid playing Overwatch Heroes would have a problem understanding their weaknesses though