Overwatch New Heros?

So I am starting to think the game is lacking Overwatch hero’s, the new hero is pretty neat but the vast majority of the hero’s in the game is Warcraft.
First I think D.Va needs a rework and have said this before so I won’t go into that but I am thinking some others hero’s should be added.

Brigitte, Mei!! (Jaina is the only ice hero lets add Mei), Symmetra and or Torbjorn (Some more turret users), Wrecking Ball, Reaper, Ashe, Mccree, Baptist and Pharah.

I would have included Bastion and Mercy but I can’t see how they would work, Mercy’s main healing or damage boost is just a constant stream so it would be similar to Lt Morales however mercy can’t attack while healing or buffing.
Maybe you could have something similar to Fenix’s Weapon mode button to switch between the pistol and staff on the “D” key, could have another key like Lucio’s skill crossfade where you switch between between healing or damage boost. Would her revive be OP if was a normal skill with maybe 30 or 40 second cool down or just a high MP cost?

And Bastion turns into a turret and as you can’t move attackers could just stay out of range, unless you made the gun have a large fire range like Hammer than it could work.
Widowmaker might be nice to pair with Nova but I can’t see it happening as Nova has Widowmaker skins.

Just my opinion, my main choices would be a Brigitte, Mei along with a D.Va rework and a turret user.
But please give Hero’s some more Overwatch characters.

Sorry about any spelling and or grammar it is 12:50 am and I am pretty much falling asleep.

OW heroes are the cancer of this game. They never should have been introduced in the first place.


Ah some of them are alright, Tracer and then Genji were just ridiculously overpowered for a very long time. Too much mobility hurts obviously, but heroes like Ana, Zarya or Hanzo fit well into the game in my opinion.

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Who exactly are these then?

Both of these heroes were always easily countered by Stuns and Silences

Tracer herself is actually countered by Genji quite effectively

People who actively avoid playing Overwatch Heroes would have a problem understanding their weaknesses though

Old post I know but I have been busy.
First Overwatch Hero’s are NOT a cancer it all comes down to balancing if they are OP then of course they will be a cancer but that just needs fixing.
In all games adding weapons, armours, skill or Hero/Job classes can brake games and balance that does not make them bad just needing to be fixed.
Chen originally when added could just chug away near endlessly and not be killed while being attack by everyone. That was broken.

In response to the Ice, I do not count Arthas or Kal’thuzad as ice because Kal’thuzad has 1 standard ice skill and 1 heroic, Arthas 2 basic and 1 heroic but not directly orientated to ice there talents do not center on ice. My point is Jaina is the only Hero that is all ice! Every skill is ice related same with her Talents, Mei would be a perfect edition for the selection as she too would be nothing but ice.

My thoughts on her would be that she would be more support, she should have her standard attack as the same as in Overwatch, Q her single icicle shot, W her Wall (3 or 4 ice blocks wide) just enough to make an enemy have to step round it and delay them and E her block of ice to heal herself. (she would be quite squishy) Her trait would be that there is a chance to slow/freeze targets, Targets frozen take increased damage. First Heroic should be the same as in Overwatch does small overtime damage but hardly noteworthy it would be 100% sure to freeze enemy Hero’s for a second and damage is increased to targets.
Second Heroic skill well not sure about that.
Basically she would not be putting out large damage on her own but in a team fight she could turn the tide.

If a hero even has one Ice ability then they are capable of the Ice element to me

Also keep in mind that Jaina wasn’t completely Ice back in Warcraft 3 where she made her original appearance


That’s something even Jaina cannot do!

There is no requirement of “You must have all abilities based around Ice to qualify”

Also on the topic of having Overwatch heroes in this game

I have wanted this one for quite a while now

This hero would get along so well with Raynor

Jaina isn’t an ice hero because she makes a water elemental and water elementals aren’t ice they are water.

(Not to be pessimistic, because I actually do want Mei in the game. I really want more Overwatch heroes in general. The OP’s logic is just nonsense though)

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I just made a post on how i think moira would make a great hero, would like to hear your thoughts on it.

Mei would be great in the game but extremely hard to balance, if she can constantly freeze people or have a massive aoe freeze ult people will honestly dispise her existance.

Widowmaker would literally be amazing but they threw her in the trash for some reason, a ulti reavealing every enemy, a toggle ability where she can crouch and she gets 4 extra range on attacks, widow mine for flankers and grapple for escaping.

Brig would in my opinion be very bland and boring, depending on what they do with her, i think their adding her and reaper due to the tease of them in one of qhira’s teases.

Bastion would be actual cancer and also quite boring to play. Ashe would be awesome but her dynamite would be hard to design, does it have a timer? can she basic attack it or can she reactivate it by having a cool animation where she just shoots it?

Mccree would also be boring, a stun, basic attacks and a ulti that can potentially kill everyone, only his fan the hammer can be quite cool.
Baptiste, EH idk he can be fun but again quite bland of a hero his amplification matrix would almost not make sense, would it just buff projectiles or literally everything that goes through it?

Mercy can also be super great with her constant dashing and healing, revive would have to be replaced with something like a overcharge ability where she heals more or damage boosts more for a duration. Her ulti can be a aoe chain healing/damage beam with long range and she has extra movement speed and is immune to slows while in ult.

Phara again, boring, a knockback and a few rockets, she can have a dash instead of a vertical boost.

Symmetra simply wont work, there is already a teleport in game and the rest of her kit would be boring. Torb howerever can be super fun with his lava ulti, he can have q with 3 charges where he has a AOE basic attack ( his secondary in overwatch ) in a cone infront of him, and his E armor and speed boost, and W the turret obviously.

i honestly think the hots team could’ve picked way better OW heroes to add, but they went for the popular ones sadly ( excluding widowmaker and mercy )
i think ashe, reaper, torb and moira could all work ultra awesome in HOTS but i doubt they’ll add any of them other than reaper and brig that have been teased… :frowning:

Far from it

He would be a Ranged Assassin with some actual strong damage per attack with a reload mechanic

His roll would work just the same as it does in Overwatch

His Stun could also just as well become a Blind too in this game

And finally:

Deadeye does not need to instantly kill every enemy hero

It can also limited to targeting only one and can be blocked by other heroes and obstacles

Deadeye can do a fixed amount of damage killing a hero ONLY if their health has been lowered past a certain threshold

Level twenty talent can upgrade this further and there are many ways to make it good in this game

For example:

  • GREATLY increasing his vision range and allowing him to see behind obstacles during Deadeye
  • Allow him to wait for an endless amount of time while channeling Deadeye during which the damage he will do will increase until he kills them in one hit
  • Both of the above

No thanks, OW can f*** right off, glad we didnt get one for 2 years.

No more OW thanks, the dev pedo fcks have ruined the ones we have any way, so they can go hang themselves before they think about ruining OW any more

For me, I would like to see more healers on HOTS.
And if I have to add one hero from Overwatch, this is Zenyatta.
A gameplay based on spheres that are more powerful when you’re near them that could be cool.
This character is really different from others in all licences.

Sorry for bad english, that’s not my native language.
Hope you will understand what I wrote ^^