People go afk on my games


I am so angry and disappointed. The last 3 games I got matched with people going afk, either completly or just now and then. Others played like an AI e.g Zagara not placing any creep on the ground, not responding. Artanis doing camps alone instead of objective. I play Quick match, I am level 339… why do I get matched with such people, if I rarely go afk (maybe 1 in 50 games).


I finally uninstalled the game last night. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Matchmaking is definitely busted in a bad way. Ever since the patch I have been matched with the worst players I have ever played with. I lost something like 20 games in a row from people just feeding or trolling. I think I’ve only left maybe 1 game in the past year.

In one of the games I pinged the objective, asked someone solo laning to come help and he just responds “Suck my nuts”… this is maybe 2 minutes into the game.

Very next game, I get a Stitches who is doing camps solo, taking 5 mins to kill a single camp while the team is fighting.

Next game, get a Muradin who just runs into the enemy team over and over and over.

I went from winning roughly 60% of games to losing 90% of them after patch. Given that the game has been put into maintenance mode, I don’t think it’s worth anymore time. It sucks because this was my fav moba of all time.


I didn’t notice that it was put into maintenance mode. So you think it is a problem with the servers, that people disconnect? This sucks, but at least people don’t go afk on purpose.
I mean, I had some problems with the game or wifi connection just broke down, and I couldn’t reconnect to the game in time. Then the game told me as a penalty I have to play 3 games with afk people, before I get matched with “normal” players again.
But this wasn’t the case the last 2 days. And it just feels so bad when the other 3 people on your team actually play very well or teamplay is there and the 1 AI just throws a game, you could have won. :frowning:

Unfortunetly I also have experience with these kind of players you describe… I think a lot of people don’t take Quick Match serious. I mean it doesn’t have to be super serious or top game play. Sometimes it is ok to try out a new strategy, but it has to be communicated with your team.


I like the 68 lvl silenced troll acc in my team in the morning…smells like…defeat

Dudes with 700 lvl acc diams/masters: exist

60 lvl acc troll guy: gets matched with you in your team

Dudes with 700 lvl acc diams/masters: pikachu surprised face meme


Man I would love to have AI instead of those you-know-what-country feeders that as soon as they notice we’re almost winning (with 2 lvls advantage and all enemy buildings except core down), they suddenly flip out and feed them 15 times before the game is finally lost…