PERMANENT BAN for people who delay ends


Make it so people who just stand there infront of your core and not finish it because they feel the need to spam heartstone voice lines or dances emotes get a permanent ban calling people names gets you one so why is wasting someones time not met with the same???


Blizzard supports trolling, they will not discuss the process in which they ban players, yet I see the same names of the same trolls who afk at base, feed kills by auto walking into player, Blizzards game is in trouble and they can not afford to ban trolls cause they are losing too many player at it is.


Heh, I actually like that. Had several wins where people were trolling to the point we managed to wipe them down and kill their core while our had only few % left :smiley:


You should see Dota, where players are being farmed for hours after the foutain is killed. This is practically a war crime and should be punished more severely than bad words or trolling.


Yeah…i remember to while i play Heroesnof The Neweart…and they gank us or trolling in our base.
In HoTS …happen so rare. To while i play, i not see this action from players.
On questione is it be banned\punished heavy or not…
Not need!.
Your suggestione is bad.
Peoples want to " have fun " with this bad way.
Players do that,because they seach ways of have fun.
Yeah…i can admin is strange…but, a tleast is have fun.
And 1 more explanation…players base " lose " have fun" and they do this old DoTa " hsve fun " method .
And one advice…Anfru…dont try suggest that to HoTS devs.
You only waste your time. Maybe this never happen in future.
Gameing interactivity providis this and this normal.
What you suggest?! To stop ways of have fun?! That you want?!
I know you never enswer to my questions.
And dont forget such actions cant be reported easy and be replyed.
With this auto report system?!
And you Anfru…you suggest to them to rework report system?!
To now they cant improve it!.
I dont know what would be this created software.


What language is that fam?


This new english language! :stuck_out_tongue:
I know ,mine is so bad.


Brutalnot why you never answer questions? You always complain about everything with horrible ideas without understanding anything yourself. Time to look into the mirror


WOW also have ganking any multiplayer game where you have to kill will always have ganking and trolling