Petition to move russians from eu server


i dont want to be discriminating, and i am sorry if it comes over that way. but i am so tired of losing my games with russians on my team. they just dont know how to play, just had a samuro with 5k dmg in 20min???

how can i move on with my rank if i keep getting “ret@rds”

is it possible to make a petition to move russians away from eu serverS??
if anyone knows how please post here so we can sign it so we can see how many people are for


I don’t have anything against russians as long as they know how to english (not only “noob, report” and so on)


I just don’t see why aren’t they on Asia server, like everyone else using those different writing systems.
I can’t even put it in translator when they tell me иди убей себя, нуб (unless it’s in draft, so I can click and copy) because those symbols aren’t on my keyboard…


I agree, every time there is a Russian in a game, you can be sure he’ll throw the hell out of it, this is really annoying…


Not everytime, i have had a really gud russian tank player,
i keep teasing him, how do you get the patience to not go for a suicidal chase? :smiley:

But other times, I know what you guys feel.
And mostly if the russian does speak english, and understands the simple messages i type like=
“bro play safe” OR “can u guys plz come to the obj n stop fighting in the mid?” OR “why do u chase him for so long and then die?”

All i get something like = “Sorry, We Russian, Fight Kill Kill or Die”
its funny sometimes :smiley:

Not tht I have anything against them, but I might sign it too,

Also, I started going in ranked with pre-made parties. that has helped much


Im Russian but I live in uk for like over 10 years now. so when I see a Russian person im actually quite embarrassed.
Cuz I know what they are saying in chat, and its never ever nice. At one point one guy (he had a friend) realised another person was also Russian and said “oh, I though we were the only smart ones here” - actually they worded it far more aggressive. Feels like from their perspective THEY are the best and were just a mindless sheep.
But what I noticed, once a team-fight went wrong or someone has a rough start, they rage. They say things that no man should say to another. It’s not ok to say those things. Cant just tell someone to die or to cough out blood. And I feel sorry and jealous for everyone else who doesn’t know what they are saying.

Id be ok with them being in the game if they weren’t such a hazard to play with. I don’t even understand why they speak Russian if they know their teammates don’t know what they typing. They just aint right in the head. Swearing in in the language for them. They don’t talk with respect even to each other, theres a swear in between every word.

I would very much like them to be isolated in a server full of their own kind.


Even if what you say is true

Moving these players to another region would divide the players even further

The best thing you can do is report for “Abusive Chat” and hope that they get punished regardless of which language they type abusive language in