Piece of shi matchmaking


Terrible game experience diamond and master, People boosted, people that don’t know to play, trolls, premades vs nonpremades that also don’t know to play= Disgusting gaming experience.


Don’t get any above platinum. Diamond and master is mostly boosted .


Yeah…right…many times i did said …" problem is in this trash EU young player base"…
But i can admin or thinking sometime ,and problem is in MM.
I mean …in mine other topics or replys…i assertion different thing or side.
I did try out to help many times with different ideas,mechanics how will work better the game, and i hope HoTS devs, " lisent up me" my advices,but without success to now.

Im glad and feel good to stop play!
Yeah…i log in, but so rare times!
Yeah…i can admin is not easy to be create better MM.
If exist such so smart man,just " show up" and suggest these smart ideas. But to now,not exist such man.
Yeah…i know many peoples did try out to now to proposal such ideas…but without success.
And HoTS devs…“hear” that to now…41515151 times.
But so what?!
Look so they are like “masochists” to read this eternal issue. :laughing:
Keep on spam !


I agree match making should be fixed in storm league as well as in quick match cause why make classes if you don’t use them to make match making fair just throw in all that is a hero and give the other team advantages this must stop! WANT EK IS VOKKEN GATVOL VIR JULLE POES KAK JUSSUS GOD!


Yep the Devs are 100% rtard fcks, the cnts keep MM me with BRONZE when im plat rank… Dev team you are the dumbest fcking twats alive and deserve to get fired and replaced by monkeys whos iq is higher u dmb fcking Nazi pigs, FCK BLIZZ!

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