Player Level & SL Rank Info


Jjust wanted to see if there are more people I can find to play QM with (If they are way higher in SL rank) or to play ranked with (if they are similar ranks).

I have had some awesome fun playing the few games that I played with some friends i met here, like Xylord. Just wanted to know who else here can play QM with me and point out my mistakes real-time :slight_smile:. If you are a newbie, I will be more than happy to help you out with the little knowledge that I have :slight_smile:

This season ends in a month I believe. I just want to have more fun the next season. Want to go in the next season with MORE frends to play and BETTER gameplay knowledge.

Just keep it simple and to the point, May be, not just me, but many others here can team up and improve the gameplay experience in Nexus. Follow the Layout :slight_smile:

Current Rank = Bronze 4
Highest Rank = Bronze 2
Player Level = 326
Most played Heroes = Li Ming (lvl52), Greymane (lvl50) KT (Lvl22)

PS: If you dont play ranked, just skip the first 2 things and state the rest :slight_smile:


If someone is of a much different Rank compared to you then you are better off playing Unranked Draft instead of dealing with Quick Match and it’s shenanigans

You called me friend

I thank you! :relaxed:

I consider you a friend too Clipper and I think anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend

But seriously though

Where are those cat pictures? :lion:


thst cus work too, but i heard the q time is a pain there…

haha, ,i wil take if i remember once home, she has 5 kittens now :smiley:


Give Unranked Draft a try

Last time I played a game it didn’t take too long




Even knowing that is just so cute! :heart_eyes:

I really want cat pictures of your cat and her kittens :cat2:

Take some really good ones okay? :slightly_smiling_face:


oh, then we can try it too, but to practise a perfect team comp, or just to play some hero tht u cant normally play, like Nova, QM is always better, bcoz of the crazy comps, it makes u learn much more :slight_smile:
but yes, i think i shud b going more unranked to try out wombo combos n team synergy with frnds

n i wil send u the pics :slight_smile:


Keep in mind:

I’m only recommending Unranked Draft for people you can’t play Ranked with due to the new Storm League rules of people with huge Rank difference being unable to play Ranked together

If you want same rules as Ranked with someone you can’t play Ranked with then Unranked Draft is the place to go to


yeah :slight_smile: , tht can work…