Players will be prevented from queuing up in Storm League as a party together if their rank difference is more than 2 leagues apart


Still happening.
Guess this is problem for everyone who think they are lower ranked.

Last seasson I met party GM #38,Bronze 5,Gold 1,and Silvers playin against Silver,I hope this Grand Master now play low Silver and rest of them high Plat.

Also high Diamonds I met more then few times durinng low Silver,matching with Bronze so they can get weaker enemy,really so smart.


Right now you can only queue with people who are more than two leagues apart if it’s a group of 5 people, but the lower league players will be ignored in the matchmaking, so they won’t get weaker enemies.


Matching duo Plat 5 and Silver 5 will play against Gold 5 and Silver 1.
Also duo Gold 1 and Bronze 3 play against Silver 2.

So if GM play with Bronze 5 will play against Silver.


This is exactly the opposite of what she told you . GMs and Bronzes can’t duo together.


ye ye.

But Plat 1 can play with Silver 5 so also and will be matched with middle rank.


And where is the problem ? The players are no longer to far apart and are close to your skill. Gold 1 players battle with Plat and Gold 5 battle with Silver so it is not a big difference.


why would high Plat play against low Gold,when its just cuz of matching two players.More players in party,find a middle and match. Dont know,somehow it`s not fair.


Why wouldn’t they, Plat and Gold is 1 league difference, they can play against with no problem. If it’s not so, it’s very strange.
It’s almost the same league