Please Deal with AFKers


They need harsher punishment. With the amount of afkers we’re dealing with I doubt they are punished at all.

At time of writing I have had 3 AFKers in a row. I simply cannot continue to support HoTs like this, and feel like you are trying to kill this game off faster than the speed of light.

Harsher punishment and maybe give players who report those that are AFK a confirmation of this actually taking effect. Its absurd how meaningless reporting feels, and how pathetic it works. I remember like 6-7 years ago League had the Tribunal system. Not saying its perfect, but at least you knew when your voice mattered in making it a better game.

It cant be that hard to punish someone that gets frequently reported. And if trolls frequently report random people when they lose, that should also be quite easy to filter since if only 1 person keeps reporting random people, and others dont report those same people… You kinda know that the problem lies with the reporter and not the reported.

I get its not as simple as it looks on the surfac, but I’m also pretty sure this is a blizzard game, and i’m pretty sure I’ve never encountered a online game with this many AFKers and such little compensation for the players that have to stick around and deal with them.

How about those who actually stick around get a boost in gold and XP or the same gold and XP as the winning team. Lets face it, it would lessen the blow despite it being boring as hell to play a lost game. But at least you show you care for those that are loyal players.