Possible auriel talent changes I would like


I wanna see changes to auriel
because for ex. he lvl one talents are: quicker dmg, more dmg, more often dmg, neverdamage
like, the cooldown is nice
but its chaotic af
like after I cast it for the 5th time in span of 4 seconds I dont even know whats going on
and the dmg doesnt seem that great compared to the quest
lvl4 talents are cool
at 7 theres this thing that you get energy when ally takes dmg, I dont see any use for it. you want to use your pasive of damage dealers, and that means if they get jumped you need the energy, and you maybe get 400hp on a good day? I find the aa talent more consistant, its duel potential is great. and if your dmg gets jumped you already have the heals.
duel=2v2 or teamfight
at 13 for me it falls to either the blind if I go for cooldown at 1, or the E talent
the push seems little impactful mainly because it rarely helps you hit the center for the reset.
16 talents are cool ima, but I dont notice the effects of the trait talents, maybe attack speed because the hero attacks faster. I think it would be ok to consider instead of more damage giving more energy gain from these roles, so like “8% of allies spelldamage charges your next Q by X% up to X%”
(maybe not that)
the 16 proposition
but I wanna see something, flat aa speed/ability power doesnt fit auriel for me
maybe do something like "auriel gains more energy from allies aa + if auriel is at 80% energy or more, the target gets 25%aaspeed "
or if auriel casts max charged W on her trait picked hero, he gets aa speed for 6 seconds, stacks up to 2 times
I wanna see something that rewards those huge close heals instead of just spamming your W even tho its at 10%
and I want the talents names to change to match the coolness of malthaels
malth has super good talent names, momento mori, on a pale horse, last rites, fear the reaper, die alone

well and about lvl1 I think searing burn is a good idea, but often its hard to get much value of it because you damage maybe one person, so the return can be neglected.