Pre-Selecting Talents


I have lost more than one game because, in the heat of battle, I selected the wrong talent (Twin blades of fury with Battle Rush??). I know you sometimes need to adapt and select new talents, but there are some talents you always pick, and /or are CRUCIAL to your build.

When selecting talents in-game, I believe you should be able to select all talents in the character panel immediately upon start of game. In my imagined mechanic, you could leave some talents blank, which would prompt the regular pop-up when you reach the requisite level.

I don’t think quickly selecting a talent is a skill/mechanic that positively impacts play, and would love to see this feature build in.


True, that would be pretty neat.


I understand your suggestione…sometime and want fix our mistake.
Buy with this way we would not learn from our mistakes. This current mechanics is better, becuase " take a leason".
I did suggest in my topic ( Brutalnot)
" Make HoST.most epic game in gameing industry this year"…search part where i suggest about talents builds.