Qhira + Maeiv Grapple Hook bug


There is a strange interaction between Maiev’s Umbral Bind and Qhira’s Grappling Hook, if Qhira is hit by the Umbral Bind melee attack, Qhira’s attempt to use grappling hook, and be pulled by the bind at the same time creates a visual bug from the interaction which causes the grappling hook to stay in place, the first instance was then I died to the umbral bind as I grappled out of it, once I respawned I had the hook connected to me all the way to the point where I shot it at first. The seconds instance I survived and the grapple also just stayed where it was shot after I was pulled by the bind. I had a video and two screenshots as proof for this, but it didn’t let me put it in the post, so hopefully it’s easy to recreate.


Hello Anda,

Please report this as a possible bug as described here. Unfortunately, this forum is not the right place for it. Please be aware that you might not get a response on the report, but it will be read.

Kind regards

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