Qhria = SJW , Black Token-ism , Woke, Feminism, B.S


Qhria represents everything that majority of gamers hate .

everyone and their Mom knows that blizzard shoved this “Hero” down our throats to fill their “WOKE” , Tokenism check boxes made by the New SJW Devs up at Blizzard.

Qhria has no merit . she has no background at all . Nothing story driven wise to help us decide whether we like her or not . by the way these were the asme reasons why I didn’t like Orphea being created before other more prominent & asked for characters with established Lore .

NO ONE asked for her !!!

SERIOUSLY this point has to be made over and over again as well as made into a big talking point. NO one asked for this hero. this is a BIG, BIG, BIG, problem .

Much Bigger then u think it its.
Because Blizzard Flat out Ignored 100% of their player base in order to fill a quota for the sjw, check boxes . this means blizzard cares or respects the people that DONT even play their games more then the actual gamers them selves .


meh, I really don’t care about her gender or race, but I think its lame they are making up new heroes like this when so many cool ones are not in the game.

you’ll get banned for this probably, I bet that annoying brightwing reported it already…


" What you dis said boy?! "
" I cant hear you"…
" bla…bla…bla…"…
yeah…yeah…continue think what you want…"
Everyone had free speches…

Whar is your point?!..
You and part from player base…want make out HoTS team devs. stop get such decions for unknow new heroes?!
That you want?!
You not want new Hexus world heroes?!
That you want?!..
Well…then…if this is your wishes…then…HoTS team devs. will work next 2, 3 heroes from other gamea…BUT…
wait next year to be released one more Hexus heroea…:slight_smile:


Don’t really see this as an issue. So what?

To me that whole Tracer deal was unreasonable. But this is kinda, you know… normal. They added a Nexus hero who happens to be what she is. I’m fine with that.


I can’t say that you are wrong. Strong speech, but right.


As much as I want this to be wrong, it’s not. I love blizzards games and their content but they have been ignoring us for a while now. Now you will be hated by this post by some die hard blizzard fans cough cough xylord. This is a in fact a huge problem and we have seen this happen in other games like battlefield V, where they tried to make badass female characters and refused to use historical female soldiers. Point is- even tho I want to support blizzard, even when the company is going down hill, the wakanda thing was made just to add variety for SJWs.


well I mean other blizzard games also have problems:

WoW- overpriced pets and mounts + there adding a furry race

Hearthstone- it’s either grind for packs, or pay an overpriced pre order that barely gives anything.

HOTS- blizzard trying to please league normies and not listening what their real players want


You gotta complete the list:

Diablo 3 - Dead
Overwatch - unbalanced trash / devs only care about unwatchable esport


No one asked you to play this game.

I’ve read somewhere that only ~15% players donate to games. The rest never donates or does it no more than a couple of time. These 15% make up the entire Blizzard salary, where the developer’s share is much lower.
So why would they give a damn about other ~85%?


Diablo Immortals was a shame and a fail game.
SC franchise is dead too.
Overwatch they put many heroes making more unbalanced, also they care That useless e-sport.


First of all the name of the game is Diablo Immortal

And you type bad things about a game that has not even come out yet


What on earth are you talking about?

Out of this you somehow made your donation post,how you made this conclusion is beyond me.And even half quoted it still make next to 0 sense to your connection Haylat.

I lol’ed at the past tense xD but lets give it the “is” a failure of a game.Also Rhyker made a solid video about why it will/could fail
I would also add,that countries are regulating now days waaay more any Microtransaction video games,especially the ones with lootboxes.So there targeted audience wount be as big as they hoped for.Wich make DI even a bigger fail.AC should have just kept Blizzard as what they are a solid Pc community company with its clear standards and identity and a word of good mouth would have been enough for success.But hey they have to make “not a lot of money,but all of the money”…cause pleasing shareholders in this predatory monopoly of capitalism is really good.


They need to add to her lore that she is also a proud member of LGBT. This will truly complete her character.


We already have Tracer for that


Ye, no matter your stance on the whole woke black representation thing.
We can all agree that a good character has everything to do with the story and nothing to do with gender or skin color.

This character feels like it was made in the wrong order.
First they decide that she should be a black woman and than decide what would be a good story for a black woman? oh lets do the black panther thing that had strong black women in it…

While instead it should be what is an awesome story for a character. Only after that decide what kind of skin color or nationality fits best. And if that answer happens to be a black woman great! If that happens to be a white male also great!

That way you get good representation not this forced sheit no one identifies with.

I do not see the connection between her appearance, story and kit.
A high tech bounty hunter with blood rage?? makes no sense.
Far better would have been a young hunter who’s tribe got killed by a group of poachers while she was on a hunt. Now she has turned into a hunter of man, and with her tribes heirloom (sword) she is now tracking and hunting down the poachers who are responsible. This way she can be a black woman with a story that somewhat makes sense with her kit.


So Guys you have phones! Anyway is still did not came out? Lol what a mess for a useless mobile game :joy:

Only this is missing.


I find myself questioning whether this is actually Woke. Let’s put it in perspective, there are only two black characters in HOTS… Was Lucio also SJW ?

I’ve also looked at the Qhira video and other than the Black panther ‘technologically superior’ African country story-line, there really isn’t anything that is trying to push an agenda down our throats, certainly not when compares to what Hollywood is doing.

We know what they did with Tracer, but I don’t think simply introducing a black character is wrong. I agree its dumb that its a random non-Blizz universe hero, but that’s about it.


All the people race-baiting. No, the majority of us do not have an issue with her being Black, we have an issue with this hero being a complete non-entity league clone. I’ve wanted Gabriel Tosh in the game for ages, so no, we aren’t racist, we just despise this ultra wokanda “hero” that has been crow-barred into the game.


Blizz is racist, there are not enough dragons in the game and far too many humans, thats why new hero should be Deathwing!