Random FPS Spikes and Screen freezes(FIXed for me)


Hello there,

I’m making this in hope that some people that have the problem i had might appreciate this information or do something with it.

I’ll first describe the problem i had with the game so you can identifiy if you have the same thing or not.

In the game i had random FPS spikes or Screen freezes(way more often that the fps spikes) that made me miss skill shots and abilities in general in crucial moments numerous times. Whenever something happened on the map, Keep destroyed, objective spawning, Tier level aquired(4,7,10 etc.) shutdown etc. i got the Screen freeze for a bout a 1-2 second.

Keep in mind i do have a good computer:
GTX 1060 6GB
16g RAM
Everything is up to date regarding drivers and whatnot.

This problem however didn’t occur in Training mode where I’m not connected to a server with other players, in only happened in matchmade games(Quick match, ranked, brawl etc.). Making this problem obviously network wise and not compatibility with my hardware/drivers or BACKGROUND APPLICATIONS(looking at you GMs)

What fixed it for me:
I switched Internet Provider, obviously i didn’t change my provider just because I wanted to try if it would fix it, it was just a happy “accident” when i found out the game actually runs smoothly finally(from one session that i had so far).

Do whatever you want with this information, I’m not really a network guy so I don’t know whether the problem is on Blizz’s side or providers, but i know a few friends that have similiar problem.

I did try to fix this before without any outcome, making research from other players making similiar topics and made one of my own aswell, each one of those got reply from a GM that didn’t help at all. General reply like “Update drivers” “Close background processes” etc.
Not replying again after people checked those things…


I have switched to two different ISP non worked for me.


Good morning StanicEnemy,

What else have you tried? Did you try the suggestions from this article here?

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?



For the most part, disabling reverb works, but that doesn’t fix the recent influx of unplayable lag you grace us.

I really wish we could report such problems via website tickets instead of wasting our time on forums because EVERYONE knows, that tech related issues like lag or crashes are rarely explained by Blizz staff and you usually take the data we give you and forget to respond to it over the next weeks, while we figure out teh issue ourselves.

Took me 3 weeks since posting about my Diablo III issue without even getting a response from a tech employee on how to fix it, I contacted the webpage form and got told that I should post on forum, I said I did 3 weeks ago with no resonse, they explained me my issue and I fixed it then.

The tech support forum should ONLY consist of information about known issues and how to fix them, but NEVER to post the issues, especially since the new forum doesn’t allow a LOT of people to post links to files with relevant information.

This is the worst treatment a game developer has given to their player base, especially after years of proper communication and cooperation with said playerbase community.

Even quoting YOU doesn’t let me use links, WTF?