Random rant about the current state of hots


Hello There forum Users/Devs.

I just want to give a few feedback on the current state of this beloved /by a few of us at most/ game.

So first of all, i get the point where you guys don’t want people to leave from ranked hero selects. I truly get it,but when it randomly disconnects me now and then, it gets really tilting to loose 600 points. My internet is stable,it has been the same provider for 10 years,and i’ve never experienced any issue while playing WoW or LoL,also i have a 70€ router so that can’t be the problem either. Anyway i don’t want a fix for this from you guys,i want you to reconsider your statement about dodgeing hero select. With this and the no surrender function i know you want to enforce the never give up mentality,but with this you also take away the strategycal dodgeing /when you have 3 people trollpicking i would take a -20 hit instead of a fixated loose/,or these random disconnets by either the games fault,or internet or pc issues. The no surrender policy is understandable because the games are so short.

On a second note: I’m really happy that you guys installed the 3. ban into ranked and unranked matches. On the other hand,we have Diablo, Anub, Garrosh, Ana, Zeratul, Maiev, Hanzo, Abathur, Tyrande being op since i don’t know 2018? /Sure Ana and Tyrande only since their rework,but the others from release or minor buffs/ My point is it’s really boring to see 4 of these heroes being banned every game and the other 4 /Abathur is situational/ perma picked in first rotation.
There could be more impactful balance changes,so long forgotten heroes /Deckard,Yrel,ect…/ could come back for a few months and be top prio. I know some heroes like Maiev or Valeera are really hard to balance because of their mechanics,but this is the game designers fail to make these kind of heroes at all.
Rotateing the heroes more would ensure meta-maniacs to learn new heroes,random players to have more fun and the game would have more versatility.

Also,i know the voice in ranked is completely dead till master,but you guys could think of a reward system that encourages players to use the voice in games. This could lead to more fun gameplay and maybe new friendships.

I hope my topic wasn’t overused or overtalked,i didn’t really look back the posts,sorry for that.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!