Ranked rewards. more letters because Blizzard are morons


I’m not sure if i have missunderstood it. But now you have to win 50 matches to get season reward. I had already stopped playing rank due to how horrible the mm is. But expecting people to win 50 matches, will do so alot of people won’t bother. I guess you only want the more hardcore ranked players, to play ranked. It just shows what a joke this game has become


I like it

I feel like this is a step in the right direction

Only people who care about winning should be playing Ranked to begin with


Im agree 100% with you…
Even this new MMR directly mapped points system also is bad…with this avarage 50 % win rate system ,if won games we earn less points cross check lose high mmr points,most of causes(games)…that mean…we are forced to play over 2000 games for few season…if we want eventualy climb up…
This is madness…for such peoples wich not have long free time.
Gold reward is not so bad reward system…
Better we farm won games for any cool looks like skinn or mounth…200,300,500 won games…


I do care about winning. Especialy in rank


Then winning fifty games should be easy for you

Just win one game every single day

And this is enough


This stops my friends for wasting time in 10 placement matches, and helps lower triggering with their random teammates.


Just because i care, dosen’t make it easy