Ranking slower than my teammates


I have played ranked with some friends of mine. We played the placements together, I got ranked in silver 3, one in gold 2 and the last in plat 2. We won the next three matches easy (they lasted for about 10 minutes each) where i played dps and topped the damage in the game each round.

Our plat player ranked up 75% of a level with each win, our gold ranked up 50% and I ranked up about 15/20% so after 3 games we couldn’t play anymore. The plat player ranked up two whole levels to diamond while i ranked up half a level.

So i wonder. What is up with that? How can the highest level player rank up so much quicker, when the teams we are ranked against are only gold and the silver player rank up so much slower? No it wasn’t because of performance because i did my job and topped the stats during the games.

Can anyone explain this?


I really don’t understand, but if you play with higher ranked there could be reason to have low amount of points. Try to not play with platinum, check if you get more points.

One thing is that you might have low mmr and cant get much more points as you seem to belong in low ranked. Maybe earlier you had some lose streak?


Still only getting 190 points 19% of a level and I’m now on a 5 or 6 win streak so I have no clue what is going on. This is even when i play solo and i have a 85.7% win rate this season.