Ranking system is garbage


i have been playing many years heroes and i will keep playing it
But today something pissed me off
i have been playing ranked (casual gamer) won 7 out of 10 matches was placed bronze rank 3 today a friend completed his 10 matches won 4 out of 10 and was placed silver 3!!! SILVER 3 4 wins SILVER 3 <–> 7 wins FUKING BRONZE 3
Wtf blizzard what is wrong with ur ranked point system
And just ur ranking point system in general is fu
king garbage if u dont win all of ur matches u only see urself going down and down even if u win 50% or more off the time
win a match get 198 points at best 200 but if u lose a match lose 205 or more points! For real…


No offence,your winrate is less than 45%.


Your last season was silver?!
If its…then with new Sl…was reset 1 league down.
If you didnt play few season or miss it…then its normal for this current game version.
Yes, is not so good this current Ranked MM or system.
Yes,is so bad feel.like that.
But what you can do?!
Yes,your patience is over.
Or now think about is it continue play or not.
Yes,this current ranked points system is joke (+200;-200)!.
That why did suggested and almost non stop spam my best ideas to everyone.
Search topic on “Brutalnot”.(this my alt account).
I did stop play!.