Rated team league


So I went in to play some rated games, I don’t really mind tl or hl but shorter cd on tl and, 4 games in I’m at 3 losses, last game I decided to let them pick heroes so I can fill, and went for a bio, came back we have no healers or tanks vs cho gal team… thanks blizz, I will send you a bill for my broken desk tomorrow, I expect full refund.


Selfish players. I only seen them ONCE.
Otherwise they do well… my problem is how VASTLY different each match is in TL on skill level. See my post on it.


your mmr is probably higher, my teammates are bronze 3-1. Game before that I comfortably won at levels 13:10 but the loss before that was second pick aba into my xul. I explained to Aba what I think of his play so I’ll probably get banned for abusive chat. I don’t care anymore, game is unplayable with how many noobs there is.


my MMR is around Diamond 5-4.
However I been playing with a friend and we get Silver 5-1’s
And I swear… I been outplayed by a silver player who is playing so damn good in their indivual skill that makes me think foul play or something is wrong.


I played from bronze 5 0 points (DCs during placement) to gold 4 hl

no difference in player skill, if you are to win, you gonna win, blizz will find you teammates.


Welp it turns out you dont need 16 heroes level 5 to start TL.

Proof: h ttps://imgur.com/a/RLFWitH
(Cant even use HTMLS)

Not naming and shaming fyi. Still won the game in the end!


Hello could anyone explain to me what those short words means as i’m new on the forums. :slight_smile:


TL: Team League (queue in any composition you like; you can also pick whenever you want to)
HL: Hero League (only solo queueing)
MMR: Match Making Rating; a mysterious number that determines your skill. Is awarded by the system, supposed to change with your win or loss-ratio and also determines your initial rank in ranked play. Nobody know how it is calculated though (or knows the MMR of any particular player including himself).


But how come whenever i go with The Shield Heroic noone goes into it and whenever i use judgment i gets called for a noob?


I would not call it a noob choice as also many Tyrael players in higher leagues pick judgment and loose the game for their team :slight_smile:

Jokes aside - i would not recommend Tyrael in ranked play unless you play with at least 2 team mates in the same party. The hero is one of the toughest tanks (yes, he is a tank) to master and requires a lot of team coordination on top of it. Its less hard if you play him in a double-tank set-up (with Tyrael as a side-laner), but this also means that you are playing at least a triple-melee combo in all likelyhood (because whats the point of Tyrael otherwise?). This in turn usually requires careful drafting, as you do not want to pick this on any map and certainly not against specific heroes such as Arthas.

Regarding your comment on sanctification: try to estimate how your team is likely to move before jumping in and initiating the sanctification. Its not all their fault, as some trust is required to just stand there clumped up while the enemy is preparing an AoE ability to wreck your team. Look out for choke points though, because these normally provide the highest benefit for the ult (e.g. if Diablo rushes in and is followed by crowd control abilities).


Indeed send them this bill…i swear Alan Dabiri ex Leader Game Designer was so stup*d…its is hard just work on new detect rule punishment “-” ," - 600 r.p." for lose game for win game “-400 r.p.” ranked points system program for such players wich do that mistake??! This program or system would detect who player do not pick needed class. And even be created with limit count 3 max (no matter in how many games or 1 season!)times . Ranked is.locked go back play 30 Unranked games with strict requiment rules. Jesus…
I glad and thank of God he is replaced and now they have new Leader Game Designer maybe is Kaeo Milier…oh…well i know,know …we humans and always do our thinga with mistakes… i hope so new LGD change that…


Try not playing ranked for few seasons to get out of low rank (although I know not why do u even need ranked in hots, it sux).

Play unranked well on some hero for 1-2 seasons and then do placement again - it should give u higher rank according to your updatd mmr or whatever.

First time I played the game I was placed to gold smth. After that I skipped ranks for some time and got plat 2 next time I tried.

Its not gonna be your first ranked gaming, so it should not restrict you with “maximum gold 5” thingy i guess. And yet again, what do you need ranked for? People in unranked are same dedicated and less salty about some “wrong” picks.


that isn’t exactly true… blizzard doesn’t share if they do it “like other games do” but you can have a pretty good idea if you code an algo yourself or just upload your game on hots logs where they will do it for you. Also (but I haven’t verified this) I heard once of an app that auto-checks it for you and displays it in the game for everyone… that might be a fluke however


Ranked is a joke like the rest of the game game. The game just gets worse and worse. I have played since alpha and i think i might actualy end up quitting the game