Report system doesn't solve anything? Suggestion: punishment system



The report system in HOTS is completely useless, I got proofs over and over during the years I played this game.
So, I came here with an idea who could basically save this game from the danger of the toxic players, who are just roaming around like an unstoppable force, ruining games for everyone who wants to simply do their basic quests.

Silencing accounts and banning do nothing, so why not instead modifying the actual report system in something I called PUNISHMENT SYSTEM? Basically at the end of every match, when the scores tab appears you have 20 seconds to put some ‘negative points’ on a player you decided he behaved bad, and so they can do the other players; the person who is getting these points can see them on his nickname, but he can’t see who gave those points and how many points the others have; also, the negative points can be assigned based on these categories: trolling (like using the B button when the enemy team is attacking the core), AFK ( the one on purpose, like ragequitting and similar), toxic behavior (both chat and vocal, it isn’t limited to swearing words or racism, but it includes every move or argument that can damage the team), intentionally dying, spam.

The max negative points a player can receive is 15 (it’s an example), and when you reach that amount, you will be put in a special queue with other players like you: that means if you were a toxic player, you will play with other toxic players, or trolls, or spammers, or suicide rushers and whatnot in your team, against a random team or a premade team as the adversaries; you will not be able to play with your friends or with people in chat, you will not be able to whisper to your friends or to random people, but during a match you will not be silenced in chat.

The only way to exit from this special queue is to play tot QM matches, and ONLY that type of game (Brawl, Draft and Ranked modes are disabled, so you can’t just ‘cheat’ the system doing only Brawl); when you did the amount of matches required, you will be back in the normal queue, BUT the max neg points will be reduced to 10, and everytime you will join the special queue it will require more matches to play in order to come back to the normal game. Here’s an example:

Toxic998#123 reached 15 NP (=Negative Points) --> joined HellRealm (aka the special queue for toxic players) --> he needs 3 games to come back;
Toxic998 did the 3 games --> he came back, but now he has 10 NP max cap;
Toxic998 reached 10 NP --> joined HellRealm --> now he needs 6 games;

Toxic998 reached 5 NP --> 9 games needed
Toxic998 reached 1 NP --> 9 + 10 games needed, so everytime he receives 1 NP from a player (his capacity is always 1) it becomes 10 more games to play

Of course when the toxic ones are playing together in the same team, they can’t give NP points to the others, same team or enemy teams, and the normal team can’t add points to the toxic team.

I am sure many of you would say “Dude, even if they get put in that queue for toxic players, they can just create another account and do it again”, and you’re right, we can’t prevent players from doing that, BUT if they continue to be toxic players (and that is a FACT) even with the second account, they can receive NP again and be punished again, while silencing and banning DON’T PUNISH AT ALL! Let me know what you think about this.
“Consider your flame…extinguished.” - cit. Kael’Tas


This is a horrible idea that bad people will abuse by reporting and downvoting innocents


You are half right about that. Surely toxic players will abuse of that system, but the point is it’s already happening with this system: 2 days ago I got ‘reported’ by a Falstad, because while he was engaging in a team fight that was already lost (2 teammates died and he was alone vs 5), he spammed pings to me, because I was trying to make exp for the team; yesterday I got reported by our ETC, a newbie lvl 1 who started to play hots for 1 day, after he complained about the team not following him in teamfights under levels, with no plan whatsoever, just throwing himself to the enemy team only to get cc hardcore and die, an I said he was not peeling for the team at all and using Mosh Pit when half the team was dead or splitted from him. As you can see toxic ones are dominating this game already, with no consequences for their pitiful actions while normal players who want to play this game are getting silenced or banned for no reason, because the reporting system has some weird parameters to judge what to consider bad, or because ‘more reports from groups of people on the same guy win’.

I was thinking about a way to fix the possible abuse of my system, and I came to this: after a match, lose or win whatsoever, when you vote a player who received an award, you can also assign Positive Points to remove the NP, if you have any; considering toxic people don’t play with the team, they will not be in the voting window and they will not receive PP but only NP, while normal people who would get reported by these guys will get PP if they played with the team.

Of course it’s not easy to define a new system to chase away bad players from the game, but I think that with my idea there are ways to avoid the abuse of it; with the current system there’s no solution, because the ban deletes your account forever while toxic players can continue to play with no consequences.


If it affects innocent players, it’s a bad system. You can’t rely on players being honest about that. Not anymore.



That’s is all this post deserves. The basis of modern justice system is this: “It’s better to let 10 criminals walk free than punish 1 innocent”


Such punishment point system, had Heroes of Valor.
If player get under 20 points.cant play ranked!
I did suggest this idea long time ago!
In Heroes of Valor mobile so well!


That’s just not true

But it is indeed better to not punish anyone if it means ten innocents are going to be punished by it


Not punnishing means more crime, so you roll and roll forever.
Justice system was made not for “justice” itself - because there is not one person on this world, who will be good judje.
System was made for people to have possibility to live on.
No punnisment system means anyone will make crimes, because HE CAN, and if he can, and have proffit, then why don’t do it, right?

But back to the point:
There is actually no possibility, to make “good system”.
Developers are constanty between hammer and iron, because from the one side, there is big toxicity, and from the other side is “making game playable”, and from the 3rd side, they have users, whose thoughts about “justice”, are very bleech and are only around their “feelings”.
In that situation, in both situations - doing nothing, or being too eager - you will make game unplayable.
That’s why developers cant go over the bridge, because they will kiss the donkey - one side, or another.


Judiciary systems exist to PROTECT people first

Not to punish them severely every single time someone THOUGHT someone else did something wrong


I already pointed out the fact some toxic players would abuse of this, and I replied that even with that you have the chance to get Positive Points from your teammates, when you achieve some award in your games.

The point of the Punishment System is that even if an innocent player gets NP from some toxic sandbag, he can still solve this in the next game; meanwhile the toxic players will have a hard time to do that, because if they ruin a game (and it’s going to happen) they get NP and they don’t get award to be eligible for PP. Also, if you read well my post, the base of this system is not different from the current report system (except for the part of the Positive Points and the Hell queue): you can assign 1 NP to a player at the score tab, it’s the same as reporting a player at the end of the match.
The only difference between the two (excluding the two features that I added) is that while my system will have the players as judges and it will strike somebody for bad behavior FOR SURE, the current system has an algorithm as judge, that we don’t know how it works and its decision making is unsuccessful: you can’t report trolls; you report people for intentionally dying, but it doesn’t do anything; you report for abusive text chat, it doesn’t do anything even if a toxic player say something like “f you” or even the full word; you get reported for light flaming, while the dude who insulted you from the beginning of the match goes unscathed…like, really?

If Chevron with the abuse of my system meant even good players would use it to just report who they wanted, I trust the good part of the community, that is why I considered the abuse only from the toxic ones; otherwise, we would not be here to comment my post, seeing you can already abuse of the report system. :smiley:


People rarely even upvote after a game, if you think anyone would care enough to give some sort of points, you’re delusional. This social credit garbage belongs in communist China. Also, people trying out new heroes would get demolished cause you’re not gonna perform well in first few games. New people with sub 100 games would always get downvoted cause they don’t understand the game and make a lot of mistakes.


Because that gives positive emotion with no additional effects on gameplay. So salty people will try to skip MVP screen as fast as possible and other might see it useless.

However, if you ask for negative input connected with punishments, people will vote and people will misuse it. People already misuse report functionality and I don’t understand why Blizzard is not punishing false reporting (especially when afaik they mentioned they will do it when silence system was introduced).

I think current system is fine. I don’t really see that much of a toxic people (I see salty people and I see rude people, I wouldn’t be surprised if those people are silenced, but I rarely see some truly malevolent toxic behaviour). From what I see on forums, people who got silenced usually deserved it in some way, I don’t think I ever saw a complaint which proved to be unjustified silence and at the same time which was not overturned once the person appealed after it was suggested to them.

However, I know people report basically just because they didn’t like someone’s playstyle. Or because perhaps they didn’t come to that one team fight. I think if anything should be changed then it’s Blizzard’s ignorance of false reporting. This suggested solution would make things just way worse than they already are.


I have even seen people even asking for whole new a report category to make such reports valid

Do they seriously think this is League of Legends or Dota 2?

They would abuse this like crazy

Such a thing should NEVER be allowed here

This is a game meant to be fun for all


I agree with my frend Xylord.

Reports will be misused,

Even now, people r so flamed and short-tempered, If someone fails to reach on obj, they will troll the entire game, even if tht one person did make it to every next obj before time,

Some ppl r just unbearable. And they spoil the fun, but theres nothing u can do abt it, trying to fix them through checks embedded in the game would make devs insane, as u cannot write an algo for catering emotional responses , there will b many loop holes where wrong ppl will b punished, and where the deserving ones will evade punishment,

Thts why i say, make frends, party up, then, the only one tht u need to worry about, would b the enemy :wink:


I guess You should awake from your “lefty” dream as fast as You can - not only about “social justice” - which does not exist - but about game industry as well.

Actually, there is absolute no chance to make game “fun for all”. All peaople demand another thing from the game, and no one can satisty them all.
More You try to satisfy one side, another will feel more frustrated.
And because of this same reason, you will never be free from trolls and toxicity in the games.
In real world, teammates - earlier or later - will take things in their own hands, but in internet? Forget it.


I do not recall ever mentioning this

I do not recall having such a dream either

And this is exactly why people should not be allowed to report or punish players just because they feel like it

Rules exist for a reason

If someone breaks the rules that are in place for this game then of course they deserve to be punished

But people SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED to punish others just because they dislike them

This was the topic of this post


I am sorry if what I am going to say could offend you, but I must tell you guys didn’t get the topic of my post AT ALL.

You made some mistakes, probably due to you not reading my post properly:

-you said people would abuse this system, and you clearly stated that EVERYONE would do that, but why? There are kind people in this game, or at least people that play fair and they don’t report others if they are not provoked, so you can’t get reported on a whim with both systems;

-you said the current system is fine? Ok champ, so can you tell me why I see many posts of people getting punished for bs reason, like a little flaming but NO OFFENSIVE language at all? Meanwhile toxic players can tell you “f off” or “bit**!” without even the censoring, and the abusive text chat report does NOTHING to them; oh, and what about trolls that feed the enemy team on purpose, or they don’t heal their teammates as a healer, or if you ask them what they are doing they troll you, spamming the B button in the core? They are called gamethrowers, I am seeing them very often and there’s no report category for them…thanks, game;

-you said you don’t see many toxic people, and you never saw complaints about unjustified silence? Of course you saw no posts about those ones, because forum rules DELETE posts about them, so you can’t even discuss of why you got reported by a bunch of toxic ones who were insulting you from the beginning of the match; also, if you don’t see toxic people, or trolls, or kamikaze (intentionally dying players), or bot hackers (yes, I found one 2 days ago)…you need a new pair of glasses;

With that said, I repeat it again: the report system doesn’t work, because even if you report a bad player, he’s not gonna feel the consequences of his bad behavior at all; instead he can report you, who is trying to play a normal game without those players ruining them, and get you silenced or even banned for trying to have fun.
I called my system the Punishment one, because if you report a guy for bad behavior it gives him some sort of ‘bad behavior penalty point’, and it’s going to affect his game FOR SURE: if he continues to behave badly, he gets put into a queue detached from normal playing, with other toxic people like him. Can my system be abused? By toxic players of course, but as I said before you have a time limit to give NP to a player, and if it was not clear enough, you can give ONLY 1 NP, YOU CAN’T SPAM NP TO MAKE THAT PLAYERS REACH 15 NP! In addition, if you play a game well enough, when you get voted by people you get 1 PP to remove 1 NP, so you don’t risk being put in the hellish queue. It’s not easy to find a way so normal players who are behaving properly don’t end up in the hellish queue, and even I consider these not the best solution to avoid report abuse and unjustified punishment, but it’s a starting point for the ones who are able to make the changes.
To conclude, do you think only because you have not been reported/silenced for unfair reason by a bunch of toxic kids, that means the system is working properly and the people silenced deserved it? Welcome to Wonderland, follow the white rabbit, I guess.