Reporting system is worst ever


Im not 100% sure that HOTS reporting system is worst ever. I played 30 games with my friend during last 2 days and he got banned for abusive chat yesterday.

This time I easily saw how it worked. He was the high ranked one trying to coordinate the team cause im 12 ranks lower and he literally got responses like: “Shut you f mouth” and “Get carried nig…” when he asked during 2-3 matches to soak lanes. Then he responds: Ok ill do it. And people typed him: reported.

Really blizz? That is abusive? Did you ban the other 2 players that actually typed abusive stuff too or do you just do the count and ban ffa?

Literally didnt see him say a single abusive stuff, not even a “gg”, just ignore the punks that curse and feed and this happens still. I mean its NP, he has smurf, but tbh i just hope people start making new accounts and botting until you sort your reporting system because you are banning the ones devoted to game trying to teach others how to play the maps and not 24/7 TF, and letting the real abusers get along.


Precisely. Friend has 2 smurf accounts to play healers only and to play with his GF.

he said he will probably just troll around and never type anything. Guess he will never be banned that way.

Literally retared. Funny thing is that after the appeal he asked GM to check and tell him what exactly was abusing, GM told him apparently not to go into discussion unless he wants bigger ban.


thats odd and disturbing. They should have “report GM” option somewhere. All the gms I dealt with (in WoW where super nice to me)


GMs in WoW are different because you actually pay for subscription id say. During my 13 year experience in WoW i`ve always had fun with GMs when I talked to them, but HOTS - this is the second time ive seen this kind of response. Once to me and now to my friend.

20 days ban approx. For literally 0 curse words and offendings, just trying to coordinate team to victory.

I can actually post up logs and you`ll see my friend was carrying atleast 50% of the match with his soaking and taking the fights when it needs to , not 100% of the time.

10 matches in a row 95% + score on Zeratul with soaking and having ocassional deaths - he gets spammed and offended and then he gets reported for: Im soaking and pushing lanes since 4 of you are just force fighting single lane.

Seems logical :smiley:

New info:

There we go:

We got to live chat with GM Laelkreste.

Long story short - GM told him not to respond in game to any offenses. Basicallly if someone is a rager and abuser in your team, you are forbidden of speaking to 3 others in your team.


What a joke of a company.


I don’t even know should we do something about this (and what we can do about this, because devs just don’t care) or just leave this drowning ship of a game


[player]: report him for afk pls
[player]: dont respond him
[player]: hell report you [player]: just report the troll [player]: lower hero dmg KTZ than lili [player]: says it all [player]: ill talk to opposition to report him too [player]: dw, we are playing 4v6 we are doing good [player]: as i said, 30% winrate KTZ, dont expect wonders. expect feedin g:tassadarmechalol: [player]: its gonna be easy ban [player]: trash talk + afk, 8 votes. hell get fast the rest 12 needed for ban
[player]: im twitching this anyway, easy post to forums. dont worry
[player]: johanna outdpsing KTZ, winning tactics
[player]: take out your sausage stevic (my friend is stević)
[player]: dw, ill go Valla most likely
[player]: solo soak duty
[player]: siege game? since they have us in TF with 3 counters to Gall
[player]: ill def mid
[player]: when you play chogall with auriel, learn the basics- take the ressurection ultimate before spamming half of team for your trollingpicks
[player]: you coulndt take advantage of 40k XP we soaked you cause you are bronze
[player]: more ranged spell dmg
[player]: 2 arent enough
[player]: get morales or stukov
[player]: dw you arent getting protected
[player]: soak
[player]: you cant TF with no tank
[player]: zuljin or nazeebo bot?!
[player]: nice 2 mages
[player]: #pro
[player]: wp zuljin
[player]: no you didnt
[player]: you have no awareness
[player]: smarter than your pick of character
[player]: nobody soak top pls
[player]: if you are bronze
[player]: we had plenty of opportunity
[player]: you decided to stay lane each of them
[player]: 7k games and you are platinum 5? :varianlol:
[player]: :varianlol: pro
[player]: idd, thats why you are 47% winrate :varianlol: cause youalways have noobs :varianlol:
[player]: zuljin why do you have 5k more hero dmg than a tank?
[player]: you played with literally 2,5 players this game Morales, cant do better than this
[player]: our assassins were so good that they had literally 0 kills :varianlol:
[player]: 5 man scout boss
[player]: #pro
[player]: can we report zuljin troll?
[player]: sorry but if you pick zuljin with chromie and nazeebo, you are worse than them
[player]: because if you thin kthat will work vs alarak and 2 tanks, you have 0 knowledge
[player]: 20k hero dmg zuljin in 14mins, pretty good for a player with 7k games :varianlol:
[player]: gekko btw there is a reason i destroyed you yesterday in 3 matches
[player]: any suggestions?
[player]: tychus?
[player]: and i tank?
[player]: not actually so smart into D
[player]: sec phn e
[player]: 10
[player]: stukov
[player]: bot
[player]: 4man push
[player]: 5man def?
[player]: woah
[player]: nice call, reason why i retreat, i listen to noob advices and go back to death
[player]: dehaka cant soak dmg sorry
[player]: i did
[player]: after you put dehaka and said: tank

So these were the messages for which he was banned for 20 days :smiley:
For having to play 3 matches with KTZ that had 0 kills and spent time feeding, and for playng with Zuljin which spent whole match typing how we are bad and how he is pro player with 7k matches and stuck at platinum 5 cause of noobs like we.


I can’t understand well the conversation, because I can’t see who was your friend, who was you and who were those dudes talking; but from the first sentences, it’s like HOTS has become a ‘report rush’, like ‘the more people reporting 1 guy, they win on the banning process’, and I can say this is not something that was born in a couple of months, but instead something that was already happening some years ago, when I was banned because I answered to toxic guys in chat who were blaming me for everything, but my reports on them were useless becayse they reported me as groups of 3-4 and I was alone.
The only thing I can tell you is this: if you see people behaving like that, for example you are a Healer and they say things like ‘Nice healing, d****ss’ or ‘Useless healer, your healing s**ks’ and such, I suggest you to either mute them/ignore them, or troll, troll hardcore IN THEIR MATCH; reports for trolling are nonexistent, so you should be safe. They brought us to this point, now they reap what they sow.
‘Oh get up, I…oh my, are you dead already?’ - cit. Kael’Thas.


Well what I have noticed in hots is that some healers refuse to heal their teamates and play their role as dps while they watch their team die and some of them refuse to lane with the group and preform their job and just solo lane if you are that type of troll heal then you deserve all the reports :pray:.These 3 supports do that kind of troll Tyrande,kharazims,Auriel support players.


You think that’s all, let me add my story to this thread, I asked this everywhere I could, Forum, FB, Twitter, see below:
So what happens is that my account in heroes of the storm got banned. I have made an appeal to that considering the ban is abusive but the GM’s analyzing my case considered is a fair ban. After this was settled, I had the option to leave feedback on how I considered the help provided by Blizzard, and of course I replied that I was not happy and didn’t find a right justice and that I was really disappointed.
One of your GM’s, more exactly: Matt // Game Master Eyroistann IS STATING THE FOLLOWING:
We have manually reviewed what happened, and decided, that this time you will not be getting another chance :frowning: We know that saying things like that is totally fine:
“get lanes’”, “varian, can u stop pls ?”, “focus on dmg the assassins, hanzo especially, he dies fast”, “because u went twin blades”
But at the same time, you were reported for the following:
“FFS”, “R***D IDIUOT WHO IS AFK", “f**k sake”, “stop afk man”, “u were afk”, “gj”, “it did”, "stop saying sht”, “nice fenix”, “damn”, “reported”, “stfu”, “i hate ret@rd3d kids”
As you can see, there is a difference between just getting agitated in a heated game, and just plain swearing at your teammates.
Ok, I admit, a few words are not quite nice, but come’on!!!
“stop afk man”, “u were afk”, “gj”, “it did”, “nice fenix”, “reported”
IS THIS A JOKE? WHO HIRED THIS GUY? This is ridiculous!!!
This system you guys have in place doesn’t seem to be right! Everybody gets angry in game and bans should be used for more severe things, not swearing! You go in a park and people are swearing, what you gonna do about it Blizzard?? go and ban these people as well?


I did an experiment once, i never said anything ingame to anyone no matter how hard i was cursing irl and smashing my keyboard.

Still got banned because it’s based on the number of reports, so if u run into a premade of 3 people u can make sure u can still get muted.

Logic in blizzard’s games nowadays seems to be a hard to comeby commodity.


The report system in this game is just garbage.

So many good players have fallen in together with all the rest. It’s kinda sad, but also, kinda stoopid, as well.

Real story - people can get mass reported for being ganged with ultimates in their lane. Then their team would complain when they are not present for a boss 4v5, which they initiated as 4 after a member of their team got taken out.

There are some other juicy tales out there, too.


Absolutely true, I’m the most toxic person I know, yet I have only been silenced once LOL


Agreed, I’ve been reported for being nice to people. I have also been reported for being mean a few times and once I got silenced, which I was ok with, actually made me happy tbh because it showed the report system actually works :stuck_out_tongue: But so many times just because I’ve said things like, ‘guys we gotta soak early, we’re a lategame comp’ or ‘please guys, don’t brawl all the time, we cant win right now but we got them lategame’ etc.
Soooo many times I’ve just really honestly tried to be helpful and kind and i got the reply ‘reported’.
2 days ago our maintank died 2 times in 3 minutes, he was going waay deep for no reason and died. No one said anything. He then says ‘fine, if you wont help, i wont help’ then he spent the entire rest of the game running around in base, going out to lane and HSing. didn’t pick any talents after level 4, didn’t join 1 fight or hit 1 minion or anything. Just writing things like ‘i dont want to win this game’ and ‘if you dont help me, i dont help you’, after a while i said, ‘fine you do that, hf wasting 20 minutes of everyones time’ and got back ‘reported’ :stuck_out_tongue:
Funny thing was, even 4v5, we won almost every teamfight and we were even ahead lvl 20 to 18 for a bit and the guys on my team really tried to reason with him but he refused so we finally lost. Just hope he gets banned because he wouldn’t even allow us to get an AI instead of him.


You not first to complying about this issue report system is joke .Even worse if there is a team they just report that one guy put blame on him for losing game.REports are just spaming right now


I got my main acocunt perma-banned, 7 warnings in 6 years, and im toxic aswell, but i never flame people, it’s just the normal words i use like “FFS”, “WTF”, i really don’t see that as abusing-chat, but i will never stop being toxic, why would i, thats just the way i am, i guess it’s fine in RL but not in computer games.