Same 4 maps over and over....again?


It seems like more often than not I keep getting the same handful of maps over and over. For at least two weeks it’s been nothing but Tomb of the Spider Queen, Sky Temple, Blackheart’s Bay and Dragon Shire. Is it supposed to be like this? Is it a bug? If so, is there some way to fix it?
Some times (but very rarely) it seems to be more random, but most of the time, there are only 3-4 maps over and over. I am player lvl 500+ and have unlocked everything there is to unlock.

I love this game and I’m very happy with it, but I wish it was possible to have more variety when it came to the maps. And why not add an option to select two maps to remove from the rotation (at least on vs A.I) like in Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Each mode has a different map rotation so it would help if you specify which mode you are talking about.

For me personally:
QM: Dragon Shire, Blackhearts Bay. Havent seen any other map on this mode since season started.
Unranked: Cursed Hollow, Dragon Shire, Garden of disbalance, Turret Altars, Nuka Land.
Ranked:Garden of disbalance, Turret Altars, Braxis Holdout.

I’m bored, there are many more maps but blizzard won’t apply a proper rotation algoritm.
It would be good if in draft modes you would start from banning maps from random rotation, eliminate 2 maps each team while banning heroes, this would be interesting to see.
1-ban 1 hero (left)
2-ban 1 hero (right)
3-ban 1 map (left)
4-ban 1 map (right)
5-ban 1 hero (left)
6-ban 1 hero (right)
7-ban 1 map (left)
8-ban 1 map (right)
9-ban 1 hero (left)
10-ban 1 hero (right)


Lately I only play vs. A.I because I need the ability to pause the game. Is the current map rotations listed anywhere? Or is this a bug, because there have been times the map rotation seemed totally random. And another difference is that whenever the map rotation seems to include all (or at least more than 3-5) maps, quitting a game would result in a new map next game, but when the map pool is limited like now, the same map will show up the next game over and over until you play it through, no matter how long you wait.


I have a similar problem. I overwhelmingly get Cursed Hollow in Quick Play and rarely ever anything else. This is getting ridiculous, I’m not a new player. It’s a serious turnoff to the game considering the variety of maps the game has. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs a pay cut.


There used to be a map rotation topic on the old forum but I don’t see it being continued.