Search is not working. SL. EU


my record time was 143.000 seconds waiting time and search was resetted
46 hours
i just can’t play at all
support says they dont know anything, when i create a ticket, and ask me to post at forum, but says “We can’t promise a reply”, lol
all my bugreports is ununswered



If a possible bug is reported as described here this would be the correct way to report them. These bug reports rarely get answered, that is true.

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Hello Kiemmaki, your answer is not usefull at all.
At the link, you posted, instuctions says:

“Reporting Bugs in Heroes of the Storm:
Common Problems -
1 One of the heroes in Heroes of the Storm isn’t working properly
2 Found a bug in Heroes of the Storm”

  1. As we see, bug, i’m talking about, is not a bug of a hero.
  2. I found a bug, and create a post about it in a EU technical support forum, because i play on EU server, not at US forum, as instructions, posted at your link recomends.

So, as we see, your answer is just a formal answer, not even trying to resolve a problem, i’m talking about.
I can repeat:
I found a bug at EU server. Search in the SL don’t work. My record time was 143.000 seconds and search was resetted.



The article mentions as well that if you found a bug in the game, please post it in the bug report forum. As the client is the same for everybody, a centralized forum for bug reports is the most effective way to gather those reports.

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Hello Kiemmaki,

I posted about this bug in the US Bugreport forum about 5 times, and got 0 answers.
After this, i create a ticket. We try everything, including getting MSinfo, DXdiag and Win MTR test, deleting cache folder, reinstalling, turning on Secondary Logon Service, and using another account.
After all off the manipulations, support says they dont know how to fix this, and recommends me to post about it at forum.
So, its a magick circle.


Hello again,

No, bug reports are rarely answered because it is members of the Dev Team or QA answering and their daily duties include analyzing the posts and improve the game. The more they post, the less time they have to work on reported bugs. This statement can be found in the sticky on top of that forum.

Please note that all posts in this forum are investigated by Blizzard Quality Assurance Analysts. While we try to post as much as possible please do not fret should your post not receive a Blue reply. Even our moderators are analysts who work to investigate every report, on top of their standard testing duties.

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Hello again,

No, bug reports are rarely answered because its’s need to say “yes, there’s a problem, and we dont know, how to resolve it”, but a job of CM is only to pacify customers, not to resolve problems.


Same problem here. Have 2 accounts. 1 in Silver 1, second silver 4. In silver 1 i w8 for game 10-30 sec, in silver 4 infinite wait (last time 14 hours and no luck) and nothing change for last few weeks.


Same here. Suddenly 1000 seconds in EU SL que, no games. Usually takes 2 minutes. There is a bug or problem here in EU. Im Gold 4. Please have a look and fix it blizzard support!!


Some my frends also having issues like tht,
though im not a technical guy, but one thing solves if for queues

Party up, solo queue is not working,

Partying up is more fast, n also more fun

Also, because of some weird unexplainable reason, having a BRONZE player in your party will drastically reduce queue time

One my frend Gold1 always takes me when going SL queue, (Yup, im Bronze)