Silver 2 after 10:0 placements


Hi, can anyone tell me how is it possible to get silver 2 after all placements matches won? I played all ten games with my friend and he got plat 1. We weren’t playing for 2 years, so i guess the previous MMR was deleted, anyways i was diamond in 2017 so i think there is no other explanation that a bug.


Most likely it’s a bug.

The only other reason I can see is that, you haven’t played for 2 years, so your MMR has been leveled (lowered) from season to season due to the soft reset. Then seeding maybe played a role… I have no other guess :slight_smile:

For sure, winning 10 placements out of 10 doesn’t mean much. That’s the reason placements are so overrated: most of them could be proper league matches.
Actually, I think 10 placements for accounts with 100-150 league matches are useless, 1 to 3 are fair enough. New account could have 20 placements to proper set the MMR.


Obviously your teammates carried you in those ten games.


Ouch you didn’t have to burn him so hard.


I was Diamond 5
I end 7loss 3 wins and boom plat 4

Another thing is that my azmo have 2300 games
and gaz have 1700
and gaz is level 178 and azmo level 100
How that can be?


Nothing wrong here. Or better, work as intended.
10 games for placements are too much I guess.

Azmo has more games than gaz, but lower level? Exp missmatch can depend on many factors and can be normal at all.

For instance, three questions:

How’s the win rate of the two heroes? The higher the win rate, the higher the exp gained, the higher the level
Do you have any exp boost, like playing in party / w friends, while playing the higher exp hero?
How often do you play vs AI? If you played them more with azmo, it’s normal I guess


I`m level 9,but my Thrall is level 10???