So i dropped from diamond to silver


so before 2.0 i did my 10( i think it was higher like 20) ranked games got rank 7 out of 50 and then to rank 6 stopped after 2.0 in i did my ranked games got diamond 3 and played a bit not much stayed in diamond 3 i think. anyways now in this season i got silver 2? long time didn’ play the game but i did fairly well 6win 4 loses so why the huge drop?


You win 6 and lost 4 but it was not agaist diamond players or some random rankers~ It was against silver/gold players and since you won 6, there is a chance that you will promote to gold by playing at least few games daily.

Placement matches are basicly useless~

I was rank1 in preseason that was highest rank to achieve (but was easier than Grandmaster, 5% of players got it). When seasons started I was diamond like most of players. By casually playing ranked (30 games per season) with 60% win ratio I always end up in gold no matter how much wins I got. Once 8/10 gave me Gold1 that was a step up from Gold 3/2. Changes very little~


Placement games put you lower than you were as a rule. So every game between placements is a race to rank higher so you don’t get dropped even lower next season.


Wanna post my last 2 games played in Silver ?, like, pretty much those were both wtf material. First game got “paired” against a team that drafted li-ming/genji double-reset comp like if they were FNC or something… They took boss on Alterac before lvl10 which is pretty much completely mind-blowing to me tbh

2nd game was like, the opponent Morales always timed her grenades perfectly to disrupt either garrosh on our team for the engage or me for the followup on that engage, never seen someone so much on alert all the time with the CC disruption which isn’t even the easiest skillshot but a pretty damn hard to hit one


I have seen same. Just report those and let higher force to decide what to do. I suspect there are many system abusers in low ranks (either masters playing gold accounts or smurfs ranked in low as intended) or even some boosting. I had myself very strange losing streak of 15 games in the start of the season. In those games I saw incredible good skills and very bad skills in same match like no cc match vs full cc right timing ultimates.


Players are not to blame though, it’s the matchmaker, and since the playerbase shrinked = it’s easier to get placed lower

AND ESPECIALLY NOW cause there were two “highly requested” changes (i.e. by the “elite” and CMs) changes to the HL, one of which is probably Khaldor’s idea (at least that’s where I heard it first) and the other is pretty much give-or-take Mewnfarez’s constant whining (or the likes of him at least) which resulted in the second of the following 2 changes:

1 = MMR decay (probably good idea but NOT at this point of time and development)
2 = Noone be placed higher than Gold 5 after placement (this was the supposedly go-to “solution” they came up with to battle down “early-boosted” smurfs)

And voila = we’re here where we are at today… Gold + Silver host/ed a grand total of 70% of the TOTAL playerbase, (as if wasn’t bad enough to begin with to be “paired” with up to 70% of skill difference and be “totally equalized” and be put basically in the “same pot” all of them), now we’re bombarded with GMs in the season as well IN ADDITION to that :stuck_out_tongue:

DON’T blame (nor punish) the players, but rather just simply a result of a really, really, BAD MANAGEMENT