So I got reported in vs AI


Is this really a thing now? :’) Someone thought I ‘stole their kill’ and I just thought it was funny so I laughed it off. Next I see their friend saying “Reported” so I asked what for - they just said I was st*pid for asking.

Reporting or threatening to report in a vs. AI match is probably the most sad thing I’ve seen. :’)


Yes it is,so sorry…
Same i had a bad expirience in reporting,kinda matching with some party 3 or 4 ppl and they make a deal to report me.Bcuz 2 or 3 lvl less,I trying to soak they constantly dying,they crying we are 4 vs 5 all the time and on side enemy team have Ults and we dont. Thats hard to understand.


Dont worry it doesnt do anything. Especially if they report afk or whatever. Only typing racist abusive or something on the abuse report eventually yelds an autosilence but thats the only thing reports do.
And its likely hundreds of reports after.


No it does, if you report someone for abusive language while there was none, it will still suspend your account someday, even if you just wrote " lol ".

To be immune you need to do something contre-intuitive for a team game : not talking.