So ... Lunar festival cancelled as well ? or


New legendary skins are always 2,4k. Also I don’t see a reason to “see who is right”. You said nothing which would be opposite to what I said lol :smiley:


Back in the day, before 2,4k skins started showing up, there were no 2,4k skins, all legendary skins were 1,6k.

2,4 started in 2017 summer.


All the legendary skins which were already released before 2.0 were 1,6k. Since then every newly released legendary skin was 2,4k (epic 600, rare 150) for first two weeks and then dropping to 1,6k (epic 400, rare 100). Events are exceptions to this where new event skins are always of higher price and they drop during the next event instead so if you want cheaper event exclusive skin, you have to wait till next year. This was always the case since 2.0 started and they are consistent with this pricing.



All new skins were 2,4k until the end of events, they were NEVER dropped after 14 days. Their prices get dropped to 1,6k the next time they show up.

Blizzard is NOT consistent with pricing, there have been several times when some skins and heroes got demoted from legendary status to epic or rare or upgraded to legendary status.

People also don’t notice the subtle changes in gems pricing showing up once a while.

You can google blizzards pricing trends in Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.
I’m pretty sure they could have changed prices of items in WoW in-game shop as well over time but I haven’t played WoW for a few years.


No, non-event skins drop after 2 weeks. Event skins drop next event, that’s exactly what I wrote, did you even read my post?

When items were promoted/demoted, they still gained the price of a rank they were promoted/demoted to. So pricing was consistent. There was never epic skin for a price of legendary skin or vice versa. Price always fits the rank. And price drop always follows the rules mentioned above. That means it is consistent.

All the changes were always properly announced in patch notes afaik. Yes, I do read patch notes.


Remember the viper something event that gave us 1,6k skins to get ?

Well, now they are 1,8k cost.



Does it matter what virtual cosmetics that have no effect cost in imaginary currency that you get for free?

Im just buying skins for heroes i dont even play at this point just so i can waste the shards away.


Afaik they were 2,4k, dropped to 1,6k after two weeks. Not 100% sure tho, bought them for gems anyway, but I’m pretty confident they were 2,4k first two weeks.

Exactly, seems they dropped the price, it’s even in the patch notes (if you bothered to read them).

  1. All Skins and Mounts have had their price adjusted to fit into new Gem and Shard pricing tiers
    • This will result in a price reduction for many items, with some exceptions
  2. Some skins have had their rarity adjusted to match the new Gem and Shard pricing tiers


im guessing their base price is 1200 shards and the new item 50% mark up brings it to 1800 shards


Like, who cares?
Is that really a problem compared to the rest? I mean… Who cares about 200 shards more or less to buy skins?


there are still 2,4 shards items

new pricings:

Several skins got promoted to legendary just to be more expensive.

Some people like to customize their characters, it’s like changing that armor piece because the other one is ugly af.


Yes, some people do, I like it as well, but why do you feel entitled to it?

I will see how skin prices changed tonight or tomorrow (didn’t have time to play the game since patch) so cannot comment on current prices, but what I said was consistent up to this patch and I stand behind my claims (I am active player since alpha).

What you have to realize tho is that free online games doesn’t have some direct way how to monetize development and maintenance costs. With standard games you pay when you purchase it and that’s considered as a payment for the product and its development time. With games like WoW you also pay monthly subscription which is considered a fee for maintenance and continuous development costs.

But what to do with free to play games? You need something to cover those things. And you either go with nasty practice of offering in game advantages such as better weapons or more powerful skills for money, or, like HotS, you offer only cosmetics.

Now it’s obvious that cosmetic items itself might be cheap to create compared to costs of the whole game and if you would pay to cover only costs of creation of legendary skin it might be as low as 1-2€, but company needs to cover also maintenance and development costs with this. And also feed the investors, otherwise they just cancel the game, they are not charity unfortunately (and yes, sometimes their demands are killing the industry, but that’s other story).

So as long as Blizz do not offer any “auto attack boost” or “self heal item” for gems, I’m ok with any price they decide to put on their products. Ultimately, I as a customer vote with my wallet. And if they are unable to get my cash they might re-evaluate their pricing (like they did in current patch and finally allowed nearly direct payments for skins again). If they are unable to adapt to market demands or if it’s impossible to cover costs by market demands, they just close the game and I’m fine with that option as well.


Do you know what “buy skills not skins” means, yeah?

Plus, skins are bought with shards, a free farming resource…

You have to farm 200 shards more or less, you don’t do it but waste time whining on a forum. I really don’t get your point.


In conclusion, for all practical purposes Lunar Festival got cancelled.

FYI, an obnoxious brawl in mid-February while the Christmas background theme and quest are still active doesn’t constitute what 99% of us consider a HOTS Lunar Festival.

There were no lunar quests, chests, skins or mounts. Neither background, nor proper announcement. Where’s my Golden Rooster?

P.S. Great job bringing opponent team HOTSlogs stalking back to Ranked. Removing that was the one out of ten update you’ve made that actually had a positive effect.


These just come a bit later. But not the same ye.

Got to name yourself something so generic that hotslogs doesnt help :smiley:


Or just hide your hotslogs profile? It’s possible through settings.


Or that. Personally i dont need to as Nazeebo who is my most played hero i dont play anymore and Samuro i only play when the team doesnt play any useful finisher/sololaner.


No. It wasn’t - and it has even been officially stated, right in this very forum: Heroes of the Storm Update from Kaéo Milker

Speaking of our next few releases, you probably noticed that our Lunar New Year seasonal event hasn’t hit yet, but fear not – that’s just because we’ve reimagined it as our Spring Event. Last year we had a ton of fun with our unique seasonal events like Nexomania in Summer, The Fall of King’s Crest in Fall, and Toys in Winter, and we’d like to continue exploring fun new universes and themes to coincide with each season moving forward. Stay tuned for all the details on our Spring Event next month, and know that we’ll not only be bringing back our previous limited-time Lunar New Year content, but we’ll also unveil an exciting, all-new skin theme to round out this year’s event.

Which, frankly, was glaringly obvious from when the Fall Event hit earlier than it previously had.


Since they incorporated the Lunar Festival into a spring event, if it’s not called Lunar Festival (that basically should be ongoing by now since the lunar new year started some time ago) it isn’t a Lunar Festival.


So… you’re saying that Hallow’s End was cancelled because with had a Fall Event (Fall of King’s Crest) with the same contents, Sun’s Out, Guns Out was cancelled because of the Summer Event (Nexomania)?

Hardly the same as the original premise of this post.