Something about troll heroes


I love murky, probe, stg hammer and other troll heroes, but i can’t play them nither in quick play nor competitive. So, i got an idea - let’s nerf all of the good heroes so people like me could play whatever heroes they want, without getting reported every single match for throwing (who cares that im doing my best?). Im just tired of being blamed every game just because hero that im playing is weak.


They are not troll heroes, they are strong, but ofc you have to learn to play them. They have very unique mechanism and their strenght comes when enemy is underestimating them.

For example Murky is versatile fighter, if you play with team in fights. Getting melee range is where he shines with slime power.


no hero is weak.
U just need to adjust to ur team comp.
with these heroes, die less, get xtra xp, n u r doing your job


I’m level 14 with probe- yet to see someone blame me for picking him


you must b doing a good job in laning :slight_smile: