Soo.. sololane TL


I must say I struggle with the game atm. Playing with friends occasionally but mostly I’ve played HL in plat-master the last couple years.

After the introduction to sololane in TL you seem to have had maby HL players moving over to TL. The result is TL has turned into a clownfieasta with silvers and masters all moshed together in an imbalanced nightmare. Very hard to play as you have no idea how your teammates will react to your pings, setups and initiates. You cant even assume chars with waveclear will clear camps threatening keeps.

HL on the other hand has had their queuetimes doubled or tripled, making that mode too borderline unplayable if you dont wanna spend 5-10 minutes queued for every game.

All in all a change to make faster games, turning TL into QM, but for competetive soloplayers the game is pretty much dead now.


TL simply struggles with the unbalanced premades. People queueing with smurfaccounts to boost others to master.

Other than that HL is a pretentious clownfiesta of people who pretend that soloqueue wouldnt be an outdated system.

HL needs to be removed from the game and TL stack-boosting needs to be fixed.